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Welcome to my profile! I am trying to make you feel cozy and comfortable here!

EN ID: 1445680. Feel free to add me

Best Band:

With NO DOUBT i love all Poppin'Party's original and Cover song. Their songs is The Best for me ^^

My Goals:

  • Save up to 5.000 for Summer Arisa
  • Always be on top 10.000 or up.
  • Save up to 10.000 stars for Valentine Arisa
  • Get every Arisa card (Have all of hers for now).
  • Level 30 all band.

Why I love Arisa:

I downloaded this game because I saw Arisa, and when the first time i play BanG Dream until now my felling for her won't change. I just love her design, her voice, the way she blushed and her kind heart. I must say that I love everything about her.

2 accounts: