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Hello there!

My name is Aya and i am an Arisa fan. If you want to talk to me feel free to, i am awkward but i will try my best to reply your message as normal as regular human should (Haha get it?). I hope we can get along very well, and down there is a little bit more about me.

Best Band

Poppin’Party’s music is really good and it's really me, of course other bands have really good music but in my opinion Poppin’Party have the best songs.


  • Full combo 130 Ex songs (123/130)
  • Placed in top 1.000 or higher
  • Get both Summer Eve and Arisa
  • Save 7.500 Stars (1.437/7,500)
  • Reach rank 170 (168/179)

Facts about me

  • Yes, as i said before, i am awkward
  • I loves breads, chocolate, cinnamon rolls, and beef.
  • I dislikes any kind of sauce, onions, garlic, papaya, fish (and seafoods), and anything spicy.
  • I enjoyed spending my time alone reading books or playing games.
  • My favourite thing to do is sleeping.
  • I am an index finger player (but can play with thumbs or one hand)

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