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ㅤㅤViv/Vee/Vueko+ ☆ she only ♡ [color=pink]14[/color] ☆

posting at school, osdd suspected + unlisted mental illnesses, south park and falling into bandori rabbit hole again, jp and en player. follow for rants and stuff!! :3

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  • danmei/baihe; erha, svsss, tgcf, mdzs, jwqs+
  • rhythm games; bandori, enstars
  • shows/movies; ghost files, mean girls, mlp, vivinos, milgram, legend of yunze, thirteen, skins
  • animanga; jshk, evangelion, oyasumi punpun, made in abyss, bsd, nichijou+
  • unanimous; fnaf, honkai impact 3rd, whirled club, lolita, v-kei, honkai starrail, south park tfbw

♡ MocaRan, RinAko, YukiLisa, Parechu, MisaKoko, MayaEve, TomoHima

✿ To know more about me just PM or add me on discord, hope to see u around [color=blue]o(〃^▽^〃)o[/color]


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