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just know i'll work on this later . . . just not right now.

[color=#44DDFF] [countdown=2021-05-11T05:00:00][/countdown] until the Labyrinth of Jellyfishes' birthday ♡[/color]


accept this updated tier list for i keep procrastinating, and yes, my opinions on the girls, after Lisa, change from time to time, but Rinko, Tsuku, Aya, Shiro-chan, Kanon, Hina, Kokoro, Arisa, Saaya, Tsugu, and Lisa will all remain in my top 10 no matter what. also yes that is 11 girls in total, it's just that at times i can prefer Arisa over Saaya, but i can also prefer Saaya over Arisa, so they're combined for 8th best girl for i cannot choose which one i like better (though i put Arisa over Saaya whenever i write or do tier lists because of alphabetic order, when in reality they are actually equal and i can't choose which one i like better) and Tsugu takes 9th best girl while Lisa takes 10th best girl. also to each and every single Ako stan to ever exist, i am sorry, but someone had to be last. Image

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