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June 30, 2020 21:34:05 +0000 (UTC)


Mae // Ria // Ichirou // Kaede // Hayato

so when the site first started up, I made a fanband named Rockugo. to this date, I still haven't really done anything with them. right now I really feel like working with a fanband again though, so the next logical step would be to ... make an entirely new one ...

uhm. uh. well. well ... their name is Sirenity (pronounced like siren + serenity, although it's a play on both siren and silence, works better in Japanese lol) and their music is like. Saint Snow from Love Live, mostly? DROPOUT is def a song they'd be singing. tbh they became a thing because I wanted an argnv fanband, but they ended up mixed gender anyway, so it really could go in either verse (well, in my head they're the same one anyway lol).

here's the vocalist for now with a few infos whoops


Hiiragi Mae (柊 真愛) / 18 (high school 3rd yr) / she/her

It's not a matter of becoming the best. Our only goal is for everyone in the world to hear our music so that they're gonna know that we already are.

despite what she looks like, she's not actually an edgier version of Kasumi lol (I just thought the Ibuki hairstyle was cool). Mae is from a ridiculously rich and powerful family that focuses primarily on the real estate business, but also has ties to politics, and has pretty much grown up in a world completely centred around her. because she's been showered in praise and responsibility her whole life, she's developed a strange sort of hypocritical personality where she doubles down on the parts of her life that suit her and outright rejects the ones that don't, such as having to take over the family business eventually rather than being allowed to do what she actually wants. her rebellious attitude even got her stuck in junior high for a year, which is why she's a year older than the other third years.

Mae is extremely rude. she refers to herself as ore and others as omae, doesn't use polite speech at all, threatens people that try to oppose her, and is all around just hell to get along with. she unironically believes herself to be a prodigy and the best vocalist in the world and expects the band members to keep up with her and abide her every whim even if it's asking ludicrous things of them. surprisingly though, the members don't really mind it; they're all fine with being challenged and becoming, as one of them put it, "the best support for the best vocalist". she cares about them in her own weird way, and they appreciate her too. one would think that a band with this kind of driving force of a vocalist would be fighting a lot, but they're actually all really good friends ...

her soft spot is her cousin Ria, the guitarist of Sirenity who started the band alongside the bassist, Ichirou. she's pretty much the only one Mae is remotely nice to and will absolutely throw hands for. the main reason why she joined the band in the first place, rather than continuing to sing alone due to nobody being able to match her, was because she was concerned about Ria not being able to handle it if she's not there ... but all the band members happen to be top class and they all clicked very quickly, so she ended up staying.

also, she actually is a super amazing vocalist, mostly because music's the only real hobby she has and she's been pouring her everything into it from a young age. her parents don't approve (they see it as a fine hobby, but one that she needs to quit it after high school), which means she does it even harder out of spite.

anyway that's Mae she's a bastard but she's my bastard. I'm also gonna put the keyboardist in the comments since he's a repurposed OC from an original story (it all started with him actually) but I haven't drawn him in the band yet so no proper post for him