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It's another event idea uwu. Did I mention I'm kinda weak for Kaochisa?? Because I kinda am. And this is kinda proof. But it can totally be viewed as platonic if that's your jam

Pastel Magical Girl Mayhem~?!

Attribute : Powerful

Type : Challenge Live

Challenge Songs : Maware! Setsugetsuka, Goka! Gokai?! Phantom Theif!, Q&A Recital!

Boost Members : Kaoru Seta, Chisato Shirasagi, Aya Maruyama, Kokoro Tsurumaki, Maya Yamato

Event Summary

One day, Kokoro approaches Pastel*Pallettes and asks them if they want to help her with a 'super-super fun project!' After being offered a somewhat ridiculously large amount of money, the girls of Pasupare agree. Kokoro explains how she wants to create a live action magical girl movie. Upon arriving at the filming studio, the girls discover that Kaoru will be playing the villain, which means that Kaoru and Chisato would have to be working together in another production. They look back on the Romeo and Juliet play before filing begins. While filming, villain Dark Knight(Kaoru) has successfully pulled off her evil plan to kidnap the bassist of the super popular secret magical girl group, Yellow Inferno(Chisato). As our villain runs off of the scene(which Kokoro decided to make the entire city where they lived), Kaoru quickly realizes that she has gotten lost and that the cameras are not in sight. Together and very lost, Kaoru and Chisato try to find their way back. As it begins to rain, the two decide to shelter in a bus stop and have a heartfelt conversation about acting, and Kaoru talks a bit about the whole princely persona. After a while, Kokoro, Aya, and Maya finally find them, and they can continue filming. The event ends with Kaoru flashing a small smile before join her friends.

Gacha : Magical Girl's Pledge of Honor~!

4* Chisato Shirasagi - An unexpected meeting

"Oh, Kaoru? I didn't know that you'd be here..."

Pre-trained - Chisato is turned towards a waving Kaoru, both in their casual outfits. In the background, the rest of Pasupare can be seen already trying to try on the outfits for the movie

Trained - Back to back with Kaoru in a city scene. Chisato is wearing a mostly yellow sailor moon-type outfit, though with more details(sorry I can't describe outfits too well aaa). She is also wearing a pair of earing with yellow flames on them. Her hair is done in a simple pony-tail, similar to one that Kaoru wears in her casual outfit.

4* Kaoru Seta - A chat in the rain

"Pfft... that's... Chi-chan-! Heh..."

Pre-trained - Inside of an abandoned-looking bus-stop, Kaoru and Chisato sit next to eachother. Kaoru is laughing while Chisato is trying(and failing) to hold in her own laughter.

Trained - A reversed version of Chisato's card. The outfit is similar, though with a dark color scheme and bolder edges on the outfit. Her hair is done in a bun with a tattered bow.

3* Maya Yamato - Confusion

"Th- They're gone?!"

Pre-trained - Maya watches in horror as Kaoru runs off with a not-so panicked looking Chisato in her arms. She seems to be waving to them as if trying to get them to stay within the camera's reach.

Trained - Standing on top of a building, Maya has a sort of goofy smile on as she poses in a heroic matter. She's wearing the whole detailed sailor moon costume, though the skirt is much longer than the other ones in the set. She's also rocking a pair of white boots.

Event Cards

2* Kokoro Tsurumaki - I'm a Magical Girl too!

Once again, the whole detailed sailor moon thing, but in a really bright yellow. She's smiling a big smile and winking.

3* Aya Maruyama - Crazy Offer

Pre-trained - Aya has her mouth open in shock. Kokoro is standing next to her, smiling and talking about the payment for the girls of Pasupare. Eve is in the background, gasping aswell.

Trained - Surprise to nobody, it's the detailed sailor moon costume. This time it's in a very light pink. She also has a bunch of clips in her hair and really pretty lace gloves. She's sitting outside of a window and staring out towards whatever's in front of her.

Tl;dr : Kokoro pays Pasupare to act in a Magical Girl thing. Surprise Kaoru's there. Not a surprise Kaoru's dumb. Heart-felt rain chat between Kaoru and Chisato happens. Reunited with everybody else Kaoru do a smile

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Soo! someone here by the name of Doot created a really cute fake event/set sooo i decided to draw it! (with their permission of course) so Doot deserves all the credit with the idea! Heres a link to their post! i probably didn't even give the ideas justice especially with the backgrounds, but it was still fun! (i have no idea how to post more than one picture on here so i've put links, that hopefully work)


Chisato: An unexpected meeting | Trained

Kaoru: A Chat in the Rain | Trained

Maya: Confusion | Trained


Aya: Crazy Offer | Trained

Kokoro: I'm a Magical girl too!

(I'm terrible at designing outfits too, so i hope its up to par of what you were thinking Doot!)

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I heard a lot of Bandori players wanted a Madoka crossover, so I like, made it a thing. Ayadoka and...

I heard a lot of Bandori players wanted a Madoka crossover, so I like, made it a thing. Ayadoka and Yukimura have arrived. Gacha salt is huge motivator apparently, didn’t think this would get finished today lol.

March 12, 2019 17:16:10 +0000 (UTC)

weeb test: if you see something other than jelly beans then i have bad news for you....

weeb test:

if you see something other than jelly beans then i have bad news for you....

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I think I wanna turn fanmade events into some sort of series. and today, since we already have a kyuudou card and a (beach) volleyball card, let me use this opportunity to represent my other favourite sports anime and have a swimming-type event! YO!

Dolphin Kick to a Stronger Me

Attribute: Happy

Type: VS Live

Event Song: Dried Up Youthful Fame by Afterglow

Gacha: The Brightest Blue! Gacha

4*s: ImageImage

Gacha 3*: Image

Event 3*: Image

Event 2*: Image


Currently at Haneoka, the second years have swimming classes for PE. While Moca has been finding increasingly ridiculous excuses not to participate, Himari in particular has been stressing - everyone else from Afterglow is a decent enough swimmer, but all she's really good for is playing around in the sea; she doesn't sink, but that's about it. So when she vents to Tsugumi about her problems, she recommends asking someone for swimming lessons so she can get better at it.

Himari takes this advice and decides to ask Maya, who seems capable, and sure enough, she agrees. It works out fine for the first two times, but then they run into Kaoru, asking her if she can't show off her swimming skills too ... Truth is, Kaoru can't swim well at all, but Himari expects so much from her she doesn't find any way to say no.

Yukina overhears the conversation and mentions later on when they're alone that Kaoru skipped on pretty much all the swimming lessons they had in their second year. Kaoru tries to make excuses, but both of them know Yukina isn't buying it. Even so, this doesn't really concern her, so she decides to just let it run its course ...

Eventually Kaoru, looking for excuses to not have to do this, turns to Moca, who's become somewhat known as the master of skipping swimming class. Together (well, in exchange for Kaoru promising Moca a month's supply of bread) they forge a plan to make it look like Kaoru's always extremely busy or has a cold so she can't make it. But in the end, Kaoru messes up some crucial details and shows up after all, so she finally has to admit she actually sucks at swimming. Himari is shocked, Maya already kind of assumed this, and Moca is off sighing in the background cause man, that wasn't her fault, but in the end Himari just admires Kaoru even more for being honest about it and Kaoru joins them in their swimming lessons, not as a teacher, but as a student.

Asuka makes a cameo in this event, since as a swim club member she's working at the school's pool a lot!


The trained feature them at a big pool with lots of audience members in the stands (think the Olympics, that kind of scale) and wearing not your average cutesy bikinis, but pretty professional one-piece swimsuits. In order to make it still sparkly & pretty enough to be a trained set, they've all got their unique designs and the girls are wearing various types of jersey jackets to give them variety, and of course they have their instruments with them (which has got to be a safety hazard but shh).

Himari ("I want to change!")

  • untrained: at the school pool with Asuka and Maya, in a school-issued swimsuit and staring at the water very determinedly, even though she's still standing on the side listening to Maya explaining certain things to her.
  • trained: jumping into the water from a high diving board, in the middle of falling, clutching her bass. Yes, with the jacket on. Maybe someone pushed her?

Kaoru ("What an unfortunate predicament ...")

  • untrained: in the hallway trying to fleet her way out of swimming, while Himari is asking her for it with a big blush and sparkly eyes.
  • trained: standing on the #1 starting block playing her guitar, with no intention of jumping into the water anytime soon.

Moca ("The Master of Skipping")

  • untrained: outside of the school gym in her school uniform, looking through the window at everyone doing their best swimming while she's off to go somewhere else. Her expression is a smug smile. (This is also the card you see on the event page.)
  • trained: sitting at the edge of the pool with her bass next to her, her swimsuit & hair soaked. Looks like the reason she's not participating in class is because she's actually already really good at swimming and it's boring to match everyone's pace ...

Maya ("Make-shift Teacher")

  • untrained: standing by the side of the pool that has Himari currently swimming in it, dressed in her gym clothes and holding a whistle.
  • trained: sitting on top of the high diving board with her drumsticks in her hands. The shot is from above and she's looking up with a surprised expression, as if she didn't expect a camera to be there.

Yukina ("Cats hate water")

  • trained: standing up, holding onto a diving board that has a cat face drawn on it.

it's a half comedic, half development event that lets us see another side of Kaoru and strengthens everyone's bonds! plus I really like the idea of trained swimsuit cards that are more professional-looking; I love the ordinary cute bikini set just as much as the next person but there's a lot of potential here for an actual sports-themed set that's different from the other swimsuit sets!

also I have no idea who of the girls can actually swim well and who can't but this is what I'm going with. it feels Right.

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AU where everything is the same, but Ako has Tomoe's old hairstyle