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Heyo! I'm Shiny, though some people might know me as Lyn, Lyni, or Kyu. I'm a pixel artist and spriter, probably more well known 'round these parts as the one who made the pixel chibis on Sukutomo/SIT. I'm also Mod Rin on the **[bangdreaming ](** tumblr blog! I'm currently in college majoring in Computer Science and Linguistics. My other main fandoms outside of Bandori are KagePro, D.Gray-Man, Danganronpa, SIF, and Pokemon. My favorite band is PasuPare! Though I also love HaroHapi and Popipa a lot~ Misaki's my best girl, though Aya, Sayo, and Hina are close seconds! My favorite girls, in order by band, are: Popipa - Rimi > Arisa > Tae > Kasumi > Saaya Afterglow - Himari > Moca > Ran > Tsugumi > Tomoe Pasupare - Aya > Hina > Eve > Maya > Chisato Roselia - Sayo > Rinko > Yukina > Ako > Lisa HaroHapi - Misaki > Kanon > Kokoro > Hagumi > Kaoru Feel free to just talk to me, I promise I don't bite! ^^

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