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(I go by she/her pronouns!)


My hobbies are complaining about my bad graphics card, mindlessly browsing Reddit, and making stupid VBscripts to annoy my friends

I identify as a diehard Pastel*Palettes stan, they're so underrated ;u;

For some reason, in both SIF and Bang Dream I'm absolutely blessed by Cool Attribute cards, but I mean, I don't mind since most of my dream URs/4 stars are Cool :p

I'm one of those rare species that plays mobile rhythm games with my middle fingers. It demonstrates my pain at how deep I am in Idol Hell.

My greatest achievement is playing Strawberry Trapper on Expert in SIF 100 times and still not FCing it. Good job, me!

I absolutely adore all of the Bandori girls, they're all so beautiful, talented and hard working! I love all of them and there's no one I detest in the least bit, so please don't force me to pick a least favorite >o<


My Personal "Best Girl" Rankings:

  1. Maya Yamato
  2. Rimi Ushigome
  3. Kaoru Seta
  4. Lisa Imai & Eve Wakamiya (Tie)
  5. Aya Maruyama

My OTPs (but I am completely open to content for all ships except for the incest ones):

  1. Lisa x Sayo (rarepair but THEY'RE CANON IN MY HEART)
  2. Tomoe x Himari
  3. Kokoro x Misaki
  4. Ran x Yukina (I'm a sucker for the "rivals fall in love" cliche)
  5. Aya x Eve


Accepting Friend Requests In Game?

JP - Yes, but I'm not really active on there anymore

EN - Not at the moment (I plan on rerolling for Halloween Aya so I don't even have a main EN account yet)

If I reject your friend request in JP then it's because I can't read (I thought the blue button was "Accept" for like 2 years) so please try sending it through again!


Other Fandoms I'm In:

VOCALOID/UTAU, Final Fantasy, Love Live, Azur Lane, Webtoon (although I don't read them that often anymore), Naruto, Dororo (Hyakkimaru best boi), Tekken, Touhou, Assassination Classroom, Mystic Messenger, osu!, Death Note

Also r/lightmoderevolution

Oh, and I have friends too! (surprisingly) You should go check out their profiles uwu

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