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I have come over here from the Love Live fan site. Lets see how this goes~

if you know me and my favorite character arch types from love live you'll be shocked to know they don't match at all here. i wish i could tell you why but i honestly have no clue.

they/them please. you can call me sans, cosmi, snas, sage, or anything really. f2p scrublord extraordinaire!

if you wanna know what i'm like: take Rinko, add Misaki's love for family restaurants and doll making as well as how she holds herself, with a side of Moca's attitude and silly antics (including sleepy nature, crying over food, and being sarcastic as ever while simultaneously caring) and you got me.

Personality: Rinko, Small Interests and Holds Self: Misaki/Michelle, Attitude and Actions: Moca. that's the best way i can explain it shrugs lmao.

On This Day In History

11 April 2018 - Trained My First 3 Star Card

5 May 2018 - Got First 4 Star Card

Roselia Best Girl Order:

Ako > Rinko/Lisa > Yukina/Sayo

Afterglow Best Girl Order:

Tomoe > Moca/Ran > Tsugumi/Himari

Best Girl Order

Ako > Tomoe > Moca > Ran > Rinko > Lisa

disclaimer: i absolutely love all the girls but the fact is some i just love cause they're a member and i have an appreciation for them but no real opinion on them...and i wanted to keep this relatively short so i'm sticking to the main two groups i adore. if you want any further opinions, feel free to ask me!

Roselia Best Girls

ako rinko lisa

Afterglow Best Girls

tomoe moca ran

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