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Hewo! I am LollyGurl, but you can call me Alina!

I am on a mission to follow everyone on this website.


  • I make edits, pointless lists 'n' stuff
  • I like Nightcore
  • My favourite vocaloids are Megurine Luka and Gumi
  • My favourite vocaloid song is Alice in N.Y
  • This is the friendliest community I have ever met
  • I think I am starting to become a cool person
  • Favourite bands (from favourite to least favourite), HaroHapi, Afterglow, PoPiPa, Roselia,=Pasupare Favourite bands in terms of music: Afterglow>Roselia>Poppin'Party>HaroHapi=PasuPare

My favourite characters from each band (in order from Best to Good) and my favourite chibi for each character (I don't hate or dislike any of the girls):

  • PoPiPa: image image image image image
  • Afterglow: image image image image image
  • Pasupare: image image image image image
  • Roselia:image image image image image
  • HHWimage image image image image

  • I LOVE Pokemon (favourite Pokemon is Gengar)
  • I read manga
  • I play Honkai Impact 3rd

  • Bands which has the best music: Afterglow
  • Best band overall: Hello Happy World!
  • I have 13 4* cards on my EN account
  • I have 4 4* cards on my JP account
  • Got top 10,000 in Beatin' in The Rain Event on EN, Sundays At a Distant Park on EN and Hello Happy Adventure! ~ Smiling Sleeping Treasure Island ~ Event on EN
  • Got Top 5000 in SPARKLE! Summer Dive event on EN
  • Got Goal master in The Cursed Well and the School Spirit Event on EN and the Hello Happy Adventure! ~ Smiling Sleeping Treasure Island ~ Event on EN

  • I try to draw, but I'm terrible at it
  • I like scary things

Thank you Banpa for being the only community which has no bad drama at all and welcomed me better than any other community could UwU


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