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• Piou • she/her • into Bandori since january 2019 • Can speak both french and english. Currently learning norwegian. I'm sorry if I make any mistake in english because it's not my native language.

I love most of the bands and have a hard time picking a favorite. I decided to put PasuPare on the site, but i also really love the others, especially HaroHapi, Morfonica and Roselia. My least favorite has to be Afterglow (I'm not really into their musics). I love them all, I just have preferences! Random info but i play with thumbs. I just can't play if i don't hold my phone in my hands. I'm currently saving stars for PasuPare's collab and Kokoro's birthday gacha. Please wish me luck because gacha games hate me.

My favorite characters? Aya and Kokoro. Kokoro used to be my biggest comfort character and I still love her to this day. She makes me smile. As for Aya, well, Amita is my favorite VA and Pastel*Palettes my favorite band, of course I'm going to love Aya<3

Image [color=yellow]Kokoro's Birthday[/color] : [countdown=2022-08-08T08:12:00][/countdown]

Image [color=pink]Aya's Birthday[/color] : [countdown=2021-12-27T08:12:00][/countdown]

Fav character from each band : Kasumi/Saaya (popipa) • Ako (roselia) • Himari (afterglow) • Aya (pasupare) • Kokoro (harophapi) • Pareo (ras) • Nanami (morfonica)

Other than that, I'm really into writing and have already created a whole universe with many AUs and stuff. I dedicate a lot of my time working on this story with a friend. I also spend a lot of time studying, watching youtube videos and playing games.. I also read mangas/books and watch anime/series/movies sometimes but my attention span is kinda limited. I can't read something I'm not interested in. Same for movies etc., except if there's a french or english dub that allows me to do anything else while watching. And that is the reason why I draw a lot even though I don't consider myself an artist in that category.

My last words are : stream Goka Gokai Phantom Thief and Title Idol

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Bandori id (JP) : 106846957

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