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About me:

Hey hey, my name is Rebecca, I love playing BanG Dream Girls Band Party! Tomoe is life, so punk and rebel!!!! Some facts about me below.

  • I play video games everyday (r.i.p eyes).
  • My favourite manga books are the Tokyo Ghoul ones.
  • My favourite anime is BANDORI!!!!
  • My favourite Food is sushi and pizza
  • I’m Asian #asiansquad
  • My favourite season is spring
  • Zodiac: Libra
  • Ambivert
  • When I grow up I want to become an athlete
  • Favourite sport: Badminton
  • I would like to try out for the olympics

Favourite member from each band:

  • Yamabuki Saaya (PoPiPa)
  • Imai Lisa (Roselia)
  • Shirasagi Chisato (Pasu Pare)
  • Udagawa Tomoe (Afterglow)
  • Tsurumaki Kokoro (HHW)
  • Chu2 (Raise A Suilen)

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