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I'm a girl named mitakefuee and now I will unleash my true fuee!

Please be aware that I change my layout a lot and very often and I hope you don't mind that! I'm just a big perfectionist who likes aesthetic.

If you want to know who I am, though, you can scroll down and see my activities!







Favourite stamps

God tier

happy lucky! + smile yay!

(these two cannot be separated, it's a crime doing so.)

Second tier

huh?! hamburger~ showtime go gooo!!

+ any other Kasumi stamp, all of them are good!

hey, hey, hoh!! give it your all!

+ any other Tomoe and Kokoro stamp, keep up the positive energy!

rawr!! keep going... let's make the world smile! now we're boppin'! huhehe marching into battle... is it okay if i pet you...? i... i'm so happy... oh well...

for some reason the Sayo stamp is funny to me... perhaps I do have one brain cell...

music let's sing together! it's meow-lright! zzz goodnight let's do it with kur smiliest smiles!

Have fun and keep Bandoring!

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