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Hello, my name's Alumi. Just an amateur artist and gamer. I love cute anime girls, memes and dying on Bandori. I love Misaki with all of my heart, she's extremely important to me. I'm also a Hello, Happy World! oshi. I play both JP and WW versions of Bandori and will be saving up for Misaki's 4*s on WW.

My other interests outside of Bandori are Kemono Friends, Love Live, Houseki no Kuni, Touhou, Pokemon, Parappa the Rapper, Cuphead and anime in general. My hobbies are sleeping, playing games, talking to people and drawing. I'm also an artist for the Circles websites, as well as a captain for BoB as of the fourth round.

Best girls (Ranked from fave to least fave bands)

  • Hello, Happy World!: Misaki = Kanon = Kokoro = Kaoru = Hagumi

  • Roselia: Ako > Lisa > Yukina > Rinko > Sayo

  • Pastel*Palettes: Chisato > Hina > Aya > Maya > Eve

  • Afterglow: Tsugumi > Himari > Ran > Moca > Tomoe

  • Poppin' Party: Arisa > Tae > Rimi > Saaya > Kasumi

I love every Bandori girl equally they're all good girls

Achievements (JP):

  • Get at least one Misaki 3*+ (Done 12/13/2017)
  • Collect a 3*+ of all Hello, Happy World! members (Done 02/28/2018)
  • Get Misaki's first 4* (Done 03/16/2018)
  • Get a 3*+ of every girl (Done 04/30/2018)
  • Get quadcolor 4*s (Done 08/31/2018)

Achievements (WW):

  • Get a 3*+ of Misaki (Done 04/23/2018)
  • Collect a 3*+ of all Hello, Happy World! members (Done 04/23/2018)
  • Get quadcolor 4*s (Done 06/20/2018)

Goals (JP):

  • Get 4*s of each Hello, Happy World! member

Goals (WW):

  • Get a 3*+ of every girl
  • Get Misaki's first 4*

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