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Hello, my name's Alumi. Just an amateur artist and gamer. I love cute anime girls, memes and dying on Bandori. I love Misaki with all of my heart, she's extremely important to me and Hello Happy World gives me life. I only play the JP server now due to stress of handling two servers.

My other interests outside of Bandori are Love Live, Houseki no Kuni, Touhou, Pokemon, Parappa the Rapper, Revue Starlight, Idolmaster Cinderella Girls and anime in general. My hobbies are sleeping, playing games, talking to people and drawing. I'm also an artist for the Circles websites, and was a captain for BoB4. I'll usually follow back, it's rare if I don't.

Best girls (Ranked from fave to least fave bands)

  • Hello, Happy World!: Misaki = Kanon = Kokoro = Kaoru = Hagumi

  • Roselia: Ako > Lisa > Rinko > Sayo > Yukina

  • Pastel*Palettes: Chisato > Aya > Hina > Maya > Eve

  • Afterglow: Tsugumi > Himari > Moca > Ran > Tomoe

  • Poppin' Party: Arisa > Tae > Rimi > Saaya > Kasumi

I love every Bandori girl equally they're all good girls, but Hello Happy World has my heart.

Misaki 4 star count: 4/7

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