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Hello I'm Em and I would die for these girls. I've been playing bandori for about 2 years now and I'm still obsessed with it! Kaoru is best girl and she makes even more gay than I already am. I hope I can make some friends on here, since I don't know anyone irl that plays this game. If you're in any of the fandoms that I listed below, feel free to hmu, I'd like some friends in the same fandom as me. I probably won't be posting on here often, but when I do it'll probably be art related. Nice to meet you all •About Me• ☆Any pronouns☆ ☆Bi☆ ☆Minor☆ ☆☆ •Fandoms I'm In• ♡Bandori♡ ♡Love Live♡ ♡Ensemble Stars♡ ♡A3♡ ♡Homestuck(pls if you're a homestuck hmu)♡ ♡Danganronpa♡ ♡Persona 4 & 5♡

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