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So he willfully left everything at home and went straight back to a city, but when he saw Jiajia close at hand, he suddenly felt that she was still very far away, as if the next moment, even if he did not let go, she would float away and disappear without a trace, and they looked at each other in silence, I do not know how long it took until the sky gradually darkened, and the last light disappeared from the corridor. Only then did Jiajia take out the key and say, "Go in." Then he opened the door over Xu Shaohui and went in. He pressed the light of the porch. Before Jiajia could change her slippers, she was hugged tightly by Shaohui, who came in later. He hugged her so tightly that he even felt some pain. It seemed that as long as he let go, Jiajia would disappear. The fear that came out of his body was so obvious. But that kind of struggle and pain is also hard to ignore. In the past, this made Jiajia feel very warm, but at this moment, there was a bit of cold derived from helplessness. Xu Shaohui lowered his head and gently rubbed Jiajia's face with the new beard residue on his chin, which made Jiajia's skin tingle slightly. His hoarse and deep voice, accompanied by the familiar breath,industrial racking systems, penetrated into his ears with deep pain and determination: I love you "Jiajia can not help but be stupefied, even if it is true, but it is the first time to be so clearly expressed by Shaohui. It is absolutely not a shock to Jiajia. The sweetness that suddenly spreads from the bottom of her heart almost drowns all the reason of Jiajia. But when she thinks of the cruelty of reality, Jiajia suddenly stiffens all over, probably feeling that Jiajie's reaction is a little unexpected." Shaohui gently but can not refuse to turn her body, reach out to pick up her jaw, let her eyes and their own no obscure look at each other,cantilever racking system, clear eyes, with clear helplessness and disheartened, deeply shocked Shaohui. At this moment, Shaohui suddenly knew everything about herself, and for a moment, Shaohui wanted to open his mouth to explain, to express his position and firmness, to let her know his heart, but these seemed to choke in his throat in an instant, and he could not spit out a word, facing the eyes that knew Pure Brightness. Xu Shaohui only murmured three words: "I love you, I love you, heavy duty rack manufacturers ,push back racking system, I love you..." One is deeper than one, one is more painful than one, Jiajia suddenly felt that she was also very mean, knowing that the same problem for Xu Shaohui, but she did not want to open her mouth at this moment, but suddenly there was a faint hope in her heart, maybe Shaohui would choose himself, with his actions to interpret that love does have a faithful and invincible side. With a sentence of "I love you", Xu Shaohui's slightly dry lips were imprinted on Jiajia's lips. Jiajia responded warmly without hesitation, with unbearable hunger and thirst, mixed with despair like the end of the world. The kiss was intense and lingering. When it was over, Jiajia was held in Shaohui's arms and gasped for breath. After a long time, Shaohui opened his mouth as if he had made a huge decision: "Jiajia, if, I mean if, I became the son of an embezzler, would you look down on me and leave me?" Jiajia could not help but be stunned. Although there was a faint hope in her heart, Shaohui asked directly. Jiajia was still shocked. She raised her head and looked at him. Shaohui's eyes suddenly became heavy. She stared at Jiajia and continued: "If I have nothing in the future, will you still like me?" After saying this, Shaohui's eyes suddenly brightened up in an instant. There was a kind of crazy mood in it, which was gradually brewing and accumulating. Jiajia suddenly understood at this moment. He loves Shaohui probably not even one tenth of what he loves himself, no matter what the result is, at least Xu Shaohui has thought so, and even from the current fanatical and desperate attitude, it seems not surprising that he really did so. And ask yourself, Jiajia felt that her love was so cheap and vulnerable, especially in the family, she would not hesitate to give up love, and Shaohui's choice was diametrically opposite, at this moment, Jiajia suddenly felt that her love was so ugly that it was not worth mentioning, and even she was not qualified to have such sincere love, and Jiajia was very clear. Even if Xu Shaohui chooses himself now, everything is irreparable. It was impossible for her to see her family in trouble again, and compared with Xu's mother, Jiajia knew very well that if she annoyed Lu Chen, the consequences would be more serious. It would be better to cut off all this quickly. At least Shaohui could still move forward along the established glorious road without any big changes. This was the only thing she could do for Shaohui at present. Thinking of this, Jiajia's eyes suddenly sank. Looking at Xu Shaohui's hidden eyes, she opened her mouth cruelly and said, "Shaohui, let's break up." "What did you say?" As if struck by lightning,asrs warehouse, Xu Shaohui thought he had misheard. Jiajia repeated very clearly and calmly: "Shaohui, let's break up." Shaohui heard clearly this time and held Jiajia's arms: "What nonsense are you talking about? Just now, we were kissing intimately. Why are you going to break up at the next moment? Is your mother in trouble with you? Is it.." 。

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