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Her fingertips glided gently across his cheek, combing her fingers along his long hair, and her tone was extremely lazy. "Looking at the picturesque beauty every day, it's natural that ordinary people can't see it." He narrowed his phoenix eyes, his elegantly contoured side face leaning in her direction, and said with a smile, "Where is the beauty?" "Far away, close at hand." As soon as she finished answering, he laughed and looked very indifferent. He teased her casually. "Since she is a beauty, how can she not hold her?". "Fortunately, madam is not a monk, otherwise the words would be blamed by the Buddha." Yuqi smiled and looked at him steadily for a moment, then went around behind him and pushed the wheelchair slowly towards the bedside. Ji Mufeng was just playing a joke with her, but when he saw that she seemed to have been provoked to take it seriously, he was a little nervous, "Madam, what are you doing?" Yuqi smiled and teased carelessly, "My husband actually suspected that I was lying. My body was so wronged that I naturally wanted to prove my heart to my husband." Said has been to the bed, she leaned over to squint at him, smiling like a flower, "husband can be sure to give my body this opportunity to wash away grievances." When he heard her say so, he felt his scalp tingling and could not help retreating slightly, describing embarrassment, "I believe that madam is, madam does not have to prove anything-let Minqi come." She smiled maliciously and only used his words to stop him. "He's about asleep. There's no need to disturb him any more." He was a little shy and stopped mentioning Minqi. "Madam,10g Ozone Generator, let me rest for a while. When I regain my strength, I'll do it myself." He was interrupted before he had finished speaking. She smiled brightly and charmingly, and approached him slowly like a snake. "Why bother with your husband?"? Since my wife has married my husband, she naturally wants to help her husband solve his problems. As she whispered, she slid her hand up his arm along the back of his hand, her arms lightly around his armpit and around his waist. He came to his senses after a moment's stupefaction, pressed his hand on hers and said helplessly, "This is not a funny thing, madam." As soon as he had finished,Ceramic Bobbin, her chin rested lightly on his shoulder, not at all persuaded, and her hands were more tightly encircled, and she could not refuse to say, "Hold my neck." As soon as she finished, she put her hand around his waist, and he didn't expect her to be real. For a moment, he only raised his hand around her neck subconsciously. He thought she couldn't hold herself at all, but in the blink of an eye, she left the wheelchair and tightened her neck. He looked back worriedly and saw that besides the wheelchair, there was an incense burner beside the bed. If he fell down later, I don't even have anything to hold on to to stabilize my body. Yuqi never did anything that she was not sure of, so naturally she would not throw him down. In fact, he has been sitting in a wheelchair all the year round, his leg muscles have atrophied, his calves are almost thinner than girls, plus his body is thin, Ozone generator ceramic plate ,ceramic bobbin element, in fact, there is not much weight, and it is only less than an arm's length, as long as he moves faster and does not hesitate, naturally nothing will happen. After dragging him from the wheelchair to the bed, she bent down and combed his long fingers slowly in his smooth black hair. "Husband, you should believe in my body, right?" Then he leaned over and smiled low against his forehead. "Is my husband satisfied with my service?" He was looking away with some embarrassment, but when he heard her say so, he could not help turning his head, and happened to see her slightly sweaty forehead and crimson cheeks, and the tips of his ears could not help turning red quietly. After reaching out to wipe the thin sweat from her temples, he smiled and said with a little embarrassment, "It seems to be a little heavier recently. It's really hard for my wife." Yuqi was still in a bad posture, but when she heard this, she laughed and stopped teasing him. She slanted her head and called out. Before long, the attendant came in with a basin of hot water and squatted down beside his leg. Yuqi took off her shoes and socks and went to bed, saying, "After washing, let the attendant massage your waist and legs again, activate your muscles and bones, and sleep better.". "Before she could lie down, he held her elbow. She smiled and took his hand to look at him." What's wrong? " He used to wash up and go to bed before she entered the room, so she never really saw his deformed legs. Now she was beside him, and the attendant was taking off his shoes and socks. He was at a loss for a moment, and in a panic, he subconsciously raised his hand to cover her eyes. Yuqi was stunned for a moment, reacted for a while to know what he was thinking, can not help but have some helplessness. She did not pull down his hand again, but moved in his direction, buried her face in his cold black hair, and said softly, "If you don't want me to see it, I won't look." With a slight pause, he slowly released his hand, which was still covering her eyes, and looked under the trouser legs that had been rolled up high. Common legs without sunlight are pale and blue blood vessels are faintly visible, and the legs are unusually thin, only the kneecaps are particularly prominent, which does not seem to belong to the living at all. She continued to whisper, "One day, you won't mind this in front of me." -Will it? No, he would never let her see such deformed and ugly legs. This extra chapter, I will write it when I am free. The author has something to say: For the sake of my four thousand words, forgive me.. Chapter 142 raiders of the main male partner 8. Flash is a few months in the past, with the support of the emperor's east factory power day by day, but Qi Yunyan is more and more busy, brows day by day, his figure is always in a hurry under the door of Shunzhen, behind the dark embroidered moire cloak raised and fell. During this period, he did a lot of courtiers, including the queen mother of Zhao most of the henchmen are under the east factory prison, the cabinet of several cabinet has always been dissatisfied with the eunuch interference, but this is rare to keep silent,steatite c221, has been turning a blind eye to stand by-for Zhao party these consorts forces, several cabinet has always been dissatisfied, nature is happy to sit on the mountain and watch the tiger fight.

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