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well, not all of the time. my long-time hiatus of not logging into banpa and making new friends online (😲) has made me realize i have OSDD 1b, which isn't that shocking now that i think about it. i'll summarize for you; osdd is short for other specified dissociative disorders, meaning that i have a type of dissociative identity disorder. the 1b is a sub-type. it took me some time to figure it out but after putting together the dots i will be forever shocked. anyway, now that's out of the way let me get into my actual personality.

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My name is Kota, i am the host.

i probably will use banpa as a sort of blog/diary for my interests, and the daily stuff that happens in my life, since school is starting back up i will be using this way more (that is hoping it's not blocked on our devices bc we can't use phones at school anymore) but even if i can't i still will try to use it often at home. i don't know why i like banpa more than other apps like twitter or tiktok, but hey, no matter. read my carrd for other infoo yeah yeah

(part 1) INTERESTS !

OK, i absolutely love all of MXTX's works although they all give me trauma. my main is tian guan ci fu, although you often see me daddling in mo dao zu shi. i need to buy and read svsss though so wait on me for that!! in tgcf, my favorite is mu qing, so dare i say all mu qing haters LEAVE. mu qing kinnies and lovers should all follow me bc ehe why not? my favorite in mdzs is wei wuxian. if you have never heard of MXTX i suggest reading her works because they are all definitely something!!

other interests ig... (part 2)

if you can't tell, i also like project sekai and ship anhane (greatly), my big 3 in project sekai are kanade yoisaki, kohane azusawa, and akito shinonome is tied with rui kamishiro for the third spot. i could rant about their story arcs all day long, but if we're on the subject of rhythm games i might as well also bring up enstars, which i also love!! hiyori, mika, and ritsu are my faves.. (izumi is an honorable mention) (i know, basic) the game doesn't absolutely fascinate me but it does pique my interest enough for me to run around in it. the last rhythm game i want to talk about is bandori, my first one ever after piano tiles. to be honest here, i've had a hard time this hiatus getting into bandori more due to lesser so game content which i'm not saying was bad but it wasn't interesting and pleasant for me to stay in the fandom. this made me hesitant to go back on banpa but why not~ the reason? well project sekai has been growing so i felt a need to go onto that route instead. despite that i have still had a grand time playing bandori and down below you can see my top 3 and other things. BUT ENOUGH ABOUT RHYTHM GAMES. lets get into shows i watch lol.

shows!!!!! (part 3 of interests)

i have a hard time recalling shows and if i blabbered all about them as i did with the ones up top you and i would be dead. so, ill list them i guess.... tian guan ci fu (donghua/novel), mo dao zu shi (donghua/novel), miyano to sasaki (animanga), evangelion (animanga?), saiki k (animanga), jibaku-shounen hanako-kun (animanga), owari no seraph (animanga NOVEL?), bungou stray dogs (animanga), sk8 the infinity (anime), madoka magica (animanga), demon slayer (animanga), k-on (anime?), kill la kill (anime?), buzzfeed unsolved network (an actual show). if i enjoy these shows enough, ill buy the books that they come from, i could talk about these for eternities but i had to keep it simple.


other than that, i am pretty much done... I DO HAVE A GF, (as of now) and, i will probably swear on banpa since it's what i always do. i will put -(name) indicating which of my alters wrote it on posts. i am pretty much inactive most of the time and i am a MINOR!! i tier on prsk when i want to (not good at it) and yeah. if you like what you read if you read, follow me!! i fb!! dni and byf is on my carrd(s).


SOCIALS ! (may change, in progress)

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