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✿ About Me

✿ (20 | she/her | part of the tol gang™) ✿

hello. i'm a university student that loves this game way too much. formerly known as kasu, hagu and haguhagu. ive been playing this game actively since July 7, 2017 but for reasons, i moved on from that account and now i play at least once a day. i love kasumi toyama more than anyone, even myself, would've ever guessed. she's bright, she's optimistic, she's a dreamer, she's charismatic, but she's also kind and more grounded than people see at first glance. she's a very special girl to me. although, that is to say, i love all of the bandori girls, as well as this franchise - i don't know where i'd be without it. aside from bandori, i am also a huge [email protected], aikatsu!, pripara, symphogear and bnha fan.

✿ Favorites


favorite bands: roselia, poppin party, hello! happy world

ships: kasuari, ayachisa, yukisayolisa, mocahima, akorin, kokohagu, misakanon, kaorimi, hinamaya

favorite covers: kakumei dualism, life will change, charles, sorairo days, romeo and cinderella, romeo

favorite songs: what’s the POPIPA!?, returns, determination symphony, teardrops, safe and sound, worldwide treasure

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✿ Goals

  • FC 28 or above (completed 1/30/19)
  • complete a set with double 4*s/complete limited set (achieved on 12/31/18: new years party!!)
  • JP: get 32 (equal to a full page) of 4* COMPLETE (2/14/19)
  • FC five or more 28s [1/5]
  • overall: get a 4-star of every girl [24/25] (miss mitake PLEASE interact...)
  • JP: complete permanent 4* pair COMPLETE! (2/23/19)
  • EN: get a happy 4* COMPLETE! (2/23/19)
  • EN: obtain a kokoro 4*

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Last updated: 3/17/2019

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