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Call me Mac. Proud Hina / Chiyu / Chisato kinnie and idol obsesser. Aside from Bandori, I like D4DJ and ProSekai, so you’ll probably see me post about those too.

Band ranking- Morfonica > Pastel Palettes > Poppin’ Party > Hello, Happy World! > Roselia > Afterglow > MyGo!!!!! > RAISE A SUILEN > Ave Mujica

Fave girlie from each band~ Poppin’ Party = Tae | Afterglow = Ran | Pastel Palettes = Hina | Roselia = Ako | Hello, Happy World! = Kokoro | Morfonica = Nanami | RAISE A SUILEN= Chiyu | MyGo!!!!! = Anon | Ave Mujica = Uika

Hardest songs full comboed: ringing bloom (ex), hell or hell (ex), amanojaku (sp), hey day capriccio (ex), savior of song (ex), fire bird full version (ex), sensenfukoku (ex), catastrophe banquet (ex), re: birth day (ex), r (sp), zettai sengen (sp) and rokuchounen to ichiya monogatari (sp).

highest placing in event: 1440th place, “Ragtime of Wind and Sea” event

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