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" ano te kono te de mune atsu shichao? bokura shidai de bōken! " - " should we fill out hearts with your hand and my hand? it's an adventure only for us!! "

hello,, i'm qyn, your resident #1 kokoro tsurumaki and kokichi ouma stan! around banpa, you may have seen me yell about kokoro, hello happy world, and more cursed things.

ingame i tend to change my name frequently but they often revolve around my love of 2d fictional characters! currently it is fuee if u lov girls, so feel free to shoot me a friend request!! (although im likely to shoot it down if ur name isnt memey enough or if ur lil tagline thing doesnt Explain Urself™️)

my fandoms should be self-explanatory by my little about-me pic thing with my favorite characters. those are all the fandoms i am actively in! im also slowly getting into the seiyuuverse~

I RLLY LOVE RAREPAIRS AND CHADPAIRS ARE ALSO NICE BUT.......RAREPAIRS ARE SO BEAUTIFUL AND THEY DESERVE MORE CONTENT!! some notable rarepairs im in are KOKOHINA (AADKFJSDKFJSDIFJSDKFJSFSDFJS), tsugukanon, mayalisa, himachisa, misarinko, saayaran, and akohagu !! on the chadpair side of the spectrum, i love arikasu, kaomisa, misakanon, ayachisa, sayolisa/yukilisa, mocaran, saayatae, and evemaya !! these can all go platonic or romantic, i love them

if you want rad people to follow, i highly suggest you check out:

  • aisurisa, my hellkawa twin, the noodle to my moodle, the yee to my haw, the cow to my boy, the galaxy to my brain. shes super rad and one of my closest friends so follow her !! also she was the one who threw me into bandori hell , so i lov her. aisu if ur reading this ily
  • akaoi is rlly cool too!! she also dragged me down into rarepair hell and is currently helping me rot in swimming hell, so follow her too !!
  • AAAAAKFDSJDKFJSDKFJSDFS tsundokuu is super valid so please follow her!! shes literally my #1 best friend (tied with someone else) and i dont know what i would do without her. she is my sista and we have telepathy so if u ever hurt her im telling on u and im gonna send furbies after you. if ur reading this tsun-sama, i wish i couldve told u "arigatou, mawaru chikyuu anata to watashi wa susumu. nigiru te hanarete mo, owaranai kizuna ga aru." which are the iconic lyrics from kiseki. the english translation is "thank you, even as the earth spins, we'll both keep moving forward. even if we let go of the grasp on each other's hands, we have a bond between us that will never end." ill miss you so much and please dont forget me hrhghghghg and i will make more shrines for u!! babanbo-sama gives u luck!! ilyyYYYyYYYY

yikes sorry this was a giant mess of yelling!! if u wanna know more about me, please feel free to send me a dm, i rlly like talking !! i hope to see you around soon!

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