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Hewo everyone :3 I am TheMikan! I love anime like My Hero Academia (Uraraka deserves a spin-off series, folks), Love Live Sunshine!! Persona 5 the animation, and more! But I love rhythm games even more. In fact, on Love Live, I’m rank 110 and am in the top 20,000 for overall rankings right now, soooo...yeah. I LOVE this community! Everyone’s so nice to each other, and I’m hoping to be one of those people, too! I mostly do posts about Gachas, fan-made wallpapers and FC’s, although every now and then I’ll crack a joke or two. My top 5 best girls are: 1 - Kokoro 2 - Kasumi 3 - Eve 4 - Kaoru 5 - Rimi I hope we can be friends! (:

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