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soooooooo.. anyone play idv?

shoot i think im a bit obsessed with colon

hellooooo (uh i kinda change my profile [picture] a lot)

i'm probably the type of person who doesn't talk and then gets really crazy when i'm with my closer friends.. i might also be a pain in the foot so it's fine if you avoid me, lol

uh.. stuff.. about me

  • i read
  • i eat
  • i watch anime
  • i sleep
  • i play games (yes. even though i'm terrible at it, especially rpg)

Uh.. games that i play other than bandori:

  • Project Sekai
  • Crash Fever
  • Ensemble Stars
  • D4DJ
  • Bungou Stray Dogs
  • Identity V
  • Argonavis
im someone who can't finish their hw and study even if i try

grammarly is annoying

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