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Hi hi! I'm LlamaC and my real name is Lamiya. (Read it or beat it jk jk)

I'm a noob on Bandori Party but as for BanG Dream!, I've been playing since Mid 2018. There used to be a couple accounts I owned that I lost when trying to transfer the game data over to my new phone (only thing I'm upset about is losing Scarlet Ran). I won't post a lot but there's bound to be something; I'm really just here for everyone else's posts.

Quick Trivia 'bout me!

  • She/They
  • I live in LA
  • My B-Day is January 15
  • I am fellow Capricorn
  • I am bi
  • Fellow Muslim but not the most religious
  • I found BanG Dream! through my friends
  • I love all the girls, some just stand out more than others

Band Ranking:

Roselia>RAISE A SULIEN>Morfonica=Poppin' Party=Pastel*Palettes>Hello, Happy World!>Afterglow

Character Ranking (based by respective bands):

  • Kasumi=Tae>Arisa>Rimi=Saaya
  • Moca>Ran>Tomoe>Tsugumi=Himari
  • Hina>Chisato>Maya=Eve>Aya
  • Lisa=Sayo=Yukina=Rinko>Ako
  • Kokoro=Kaoru>Misaki>Kanon>Hagumi
  • Nanami>Tsukushi=Mashiro>Rui=Touko

2 accounts: