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Hullo, I am PeachyTart, or Peach for short..... I like to play Bandori. I play on the JP server and the WW server (Mostly WW). My favorite colors are purple, blue, pink, black, and white. My best girls that I love are Rinko, Kaoru, Rimi, Moca, Maya, and Chu2. Do not fret, for I also love the rest of the girls as well, even RAS as well (even if I don't know them well).

Fav Popipa song- 1000 Crying Skies. Fav Afterglow song- Hey-day Capriccio. Fav PasuPare song- Unite! From A to Z. Fav Roselia song- Ringing Bloom. Fav HaroHapi song- Kimi ga Inakucha. Fav RAS song- HELL? or Hell!

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