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Everyone's babey except Moca

I’m just a trashy [insert band] stan that changes her opinions way too often.

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I've been playing Bandori for 1 year!

First Top 10,000: Unwavering Will! Blazing Bushido!

First Top 5,000: A Dreamy Promenade

First Top 2,500: Winter Sky March

First Top 1,000:

First Top 100:

First Top 10:

First AP: Kanade (December 24, 2019)

Favorite Video Game: Overwatch

Favorite Mobile Game: BanG Dream!

Favorite Show: Re: ZERO

Best Girl: Misaki Okusawa

Favorite Original Bandori Song(s): What's the POPIPA!?, Easy Come, Easy Go!, Wakuwaku meets Trip, Yakusoku, Nico x Nico = Hyper Smile Power!

Favorite Cover Bandori Song(s): Cherry Bomb, Goya no Machiawase, DISCOTHEQUE, Paradisus-Paradoxum, Shanghai Honey

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