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June 26, 2017 23:15:55 +0000 (UTC)


# Bandori.News Round Up! Hi all! We've decided to roll out a weekly news round up for everything that happens in Bandori news! If we miss anything, feel free to comment below (with source, if not you) so we can add it. Without further ado, here we go! ## Game News ### Upcoming Update for July As reported by Bandori Updates, we will see a [new event type and new game features!]( These are detailed to be Challenge Event, and the additions of rewards for fulfilling certain conditions in the game. We will also see a [friends system and an SS Rank]( included next month! As for song covers, we have already announced the inclusion of **"Guren No Yumiya"**, sung by Roselia and **"Great Escape"** from Afterglow from the anime *Attack on Titan*. Roselia's cover will be due at the end of this month, while Afterglow and *two other covers* will be added next month! These upcoming covers are **"God Knows..."** by Poppin'Party, as well as **"Fuwa Fuwa Time"** from Pastel*Palettes. ### Additional news With the commencement of the [Roselia Event](, we received a new original song, **Hidamari Rhodonite**. This is the B-Side of the Re:Birth Day single. The very 1st election poll has ended, and **Hello, Happy World!** will be getting their own original song and illustration based around the "School Festival" theme! Congrats! ## Anime News The special OVA has been [announced]( to have advanced screenings around Japan. These will be occurring throughout July and August. To get into a screening, you would have had to ballot through the release of the second bluray release. Every person who gets to go will receive a free clear file featuring **Roselia** and **Poppin'Party**! There will be additional goods for sale, such as buttons, wall scrolls, messenger bags and shirts. ## Concert & Single News Bandori Updates also reported on two new [Garupa-themed events]( We don't have much information on these events except the dates, so please keep checking in to see if more info became available! ### Roselia News The first Roselia live has been announced to be titled **Rosenlied**, which occurs July 30. In addition, there will be a second date for their live, which is July 29! [View more info here!]( Also announced for Roselia is a performance at [Anisama](, occurring August 25! This is a very great opportunity for Roselia, as this is the largest group concert in Japan! **Re:Birth Day** was [released](ttp:// on June 28! It contains a ballot ticket for the second day of Roselia's live. You can ballot up til July 2. Thanks for the info, [Bandori Updates!]( ### Poppin'Party News [Tae]( & [Rimi]( have released their own character singles this week on June 21. Also, don't forget about Poppin'Party's 4th Live, **MIRACLE PARTY!** -- This will be happening August 21. Balloting period has ended for this event. Additionally, if you are in the Los Angeles area next weekend, don't forget about the **Poppin'Party** live at Bushiroad Grandfest! You can find more information on their [website]( ### Pastel*Palettes News The final artwork for the very first PasuPare single, **Shuwarin' Dreamin'** has been revealed! It will release July 12, and pre-orders will come with a signed bromide from the characters. [Get yours!]( ### Hello, Happy World! News Harohapi get their first single release, **Egao no Orchestra** and the initial cover design was previewed. It's due on August 2!

July 04, 2017 02:46:14 +0000 (UTC)


# Bandori.News Round Up! vol. 2 ## Game News This week, **Guren No Yumiya** covered by Roselia was added to the CiRCLE Cover shop. You can view a demo of the [Extreme Map Here]( Other than that, we were surprised with a double 4star gacha featuring the Hikawa Twins and an event with a 3star Aya. [Countdown here~!]( ## Anime News The screening info for the OVA viewings were [released!]( They announced some more additional goods like Roselia's very own button set. ## Band-specific News ### Roselia News Roselia's very first live, [Rosenlied]( occurred this past week! Catch up on the event through this [hashtag]( on twitter. Congrats to Roselia on a successful live! Additionally, ESP [announced]( the Roselia collaboration guitars for Sayo and Lisa. These are very special guitars so they cost quite a bit, but they are also very high quality! Roselia also was featured in this month's [Dengeki G's]( magazine, and the spread featured is being released as a wallscroll. [Thanks for the tip, Bandori Updates!]( ### Poppin'Party News This weekend also saw the first concert from Popipa overseas! We have a [write up]( on it from BanPa user [LatidoReMe]( Additionally, check out the view of the [BanG Dream! booth]( from the official Bushiglobal account! Congrats to Aimi and the rest of Poppin'Party for their success at Bushifest. We missed you, Hasshi! ### Pastel*Palettes News A new short commercial released this week to boost the sales of Pastel*Palette's very first single, [Shuwarin' Dreamin']( ). [Preorder it here]( to get a signed bromide.

July 11, 2017 02:40:13 +0000 (UTC)


# Bandori.News Round Up! vol. 3 ## Game News This week, **"God Knows..."** covered by Poppin'Party will be added to the CiRCLE Shop coinciding with the next event. You can view a demo of the [Extreme]( beatmap. Additionally, we will be starting a new event soon details to be updated after event start. [Countdown here~!]( We also upgraded to v 1.6 of the game build. The updates themselves are pretty minor. You can view the [details from Bandori Updates]( ## Band-specific News ### Roselia News [Rosenlied]( will be having a live viewing for the second show on 29 July. You can [view venues]( here! ### Poppin'Party News Arisa and Saaya's singles are [next to be released. ]( They will be releasing on 26 July! Arisa's single will be titled **"S-suki nan ka janai!"** and her acoustic song will be **"Natsuzora Sun! Sun! Seven!"**. Saaya's orginal single is **"Tooi Ongaku ~Heartbeat~"**, and her acoustic will be **"Starbeat ~Hoshi no koudou~"**. Preorders for [Arisa's Single]( and [Saaya's Single]( are already available! You can view [more details]( on what comes with preorders on the official site. Also, the art of Popppin'Party that matches Kasumi's birthday box that comes out this month are [being previewed]( before release. ### Other Merchandise News New sets of acrylic charms are being released. They feature each band member! Super exciting to get GBP merchandise finally! You can preview them [here]( and [here]( These will release in September.

July 17, 2017 05:50:19 +0000 (UTC)


# Bandori.News Round Up! vol. 4 ## Game News Tomoe and Ako's event and gacha are still ongoing! Keep track of the event here. The gacha will remain until the next event starts. Also announced is the inclusion of two new songs from Poppin'Party and Roselia, taken from the OVA! [Thanks for the info, Bandori Updates!]( The game [will be updating]( to build 1.7 at 2 AM JST, following the conclusion of Tomoe and Ako's event. This update will include missions, live boost recovery items, and increased EXP for lives performed. Finally, Shuwarin' Dreamin' obtained a spot in the [Top 5]( on the Oricon charts! Every user will be obtaining the Pastel*Palette's training outfits for each girl in game at a later date. ## Anime News This past weekend, the BanG Dream! OVA premiered across Japan in theatres. Bandori Updates [reported]( two screenshots from the OVA featuring Roselia and Poppin'Party on their summer vacation, and that the OVA will be formally released on Blu-ray 7. ## Merchandise News In merch land, we are seeing more and more GBP items! There is an [event ongoing until the end of the month]( right now with BanG Dream! Featuring Girl's Band Party. Merchandise on sale features the Poppin'Party art accompanying the Kasumi birthday illustrations as a wallscroll, buttons, acrylic keychains, fans and clearfiles. There's also an additional metal keychain set available. For the others, they have band stickers for every girl, clear files and lanyards of each band! They also have a smart phone case for purchase, featuring the logo and icons from the game. Bandori Updates also let us know about [Comiket92 goods]( that will be available from Poppin'Party and the other GBP bands. There will be a [Tote, pouch, and keychain]( available featuring the game's main image, a [Roselia Polo, and band phone cases](, as well as some [edgy wallet keychains and clearfiles]( Everything here but the clearfiles will be sold online 3-17 August following Comiket! Our last bit of merchandise news are trendy [hairpin and bracelet]( combos. They are available for 5900¥ from Kanzashi OEM, I personally think they are super cute and different from most merchandise I see released~

July 23, 2017 23:29:47 +0000 (UTC)


# Bandori.News Round Up! vol. 5 ## Game News A new event and gacha is once again upon us, and not only is it a new event, but a new event *type*! The Challenge Live event is introduced with ["When the Bud Blooms"]( You can view a [series of tweets]( written by Banpa user [Rimirin]( to help you out if you're still confused. The event features Maya and Aya, while the Gacha is Chisato, Eve and Hina. Good luck! The last event story, [Tomoe SOS!]( was translated by Inuzuka28. Another Livestream will take place on 28 July, covering more game and GBP news as usual. You can [view information]( on where to view the stream from the official twitter. The stream begins at 9pm JST. Additionally, we personally have found if you completely fail 3 consecutive multilives (as in, no notes are hit at all) you will be banned from participating in multilives for an hour! We didn't know this was new news or not, but we wanted to share with you! Thanks, Passionate! ## Merchandise & CD News **Roselia's** second stint of their first live continues, displaying goods online for purchase from 21 July to 7 August. Thanks for the information, [Bandori Updates!]( Among the goods for order is a [Live Shirt, Towel, Wristband and Memorial pins](, as well as a [violet penlight, display picks, totebags, bromides, and keychains]( Additionally, Roselia head a [niconama]( where they announced their 3rd single, **"Nesshoku Starmine"** with an accompanying event on 8 October. **Saaya** and **Arisa** have [previews]( for their individual character singles now! If you can already preorder both [Saaya's]( and [Arisa's]( singles through CDJapan! They release 26 July. There will also be [piano scores]( ) available on 10 August from 10 differen Poppin'Party songs. Thank you Bandori Updates for the info! Also, [don't forget]( about that Hello, Happy World! single dropping on 2 August! The CD bonus includes a random bromide, A4 Poster and a release event ballot. Preorder your copy now through [CDJapan.]( However if you were late to the party, the preorder rewards for this are not available.

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