March 26, 2018 02:31:16 +0000 (UTC)


![Giveaway Winner Banner]( # Let's Celebrate! Collectible Launch Giveaway! Welcome back, guys! I know it was a very tough week for everyone who waited for the results of our giveaway. Never fear, we're here with the goods. For Twitter, we had three different ways to win. First, you could get a lot of retweets and likes and win popular pick! Secondly, you could attach a link to your profile and be in the running for staff pick. Thirdly, there was a random draw prize for anyone who entered with and had a valid tweet (as in, not deleted). ### THE POPULAR 'PICK' WINNER IS [MAYAEVES]( Congratulations! Combined likes/retweets were at 340, making it a very close call with another participant. Never fear, however, as we will be also giving the runner-up, **[Shinoburedo](** the other pick can badge as well! You both did really amazingly, and we were wow'd! MayaEves will be the winner of the Maya pick badge, and Shinoburedo the Moca! ### OUR STAFF'S FAVORITE PROFILE IS [TRASHI]( Congratulations! The staff was impressed by your custom pixels, neatness, and detail that you paid to your profile on the site. It's definitely a shining example of what we love from our community members. Trashi will be winning either a Saaya or Yukina rubber strap! We had multiple profiles in our runner's up, who also show a great profile in some way, shape or form. You should check out their profiles as well! We had [NicoYLM](, [Yunii](, [Cynonic](, and [DevilDash]( in the running. ### OUR RANDOM STAR IS [BOWFANATIC]( The winner of the Arisa Ichigaya can badge is Bowfanatic! Congratulations! We really appreciate your entry and the sharing of your love for Bpa and Bandori itself~! ***If you win and you want to swap prize with another winner, ask them and let us know!*** ### OUR RANDOM FEEDBACKER IS [IDOLTRASHUU]( Thank you for your feedback on our site. We'd love to pay back your help with a icon/header set provided by [BrokenMadnessu](! If anyone else still has feedback on the site, feel free to let us know about it [here](! # NOW WHAT? If you've won a prize, please DM our [Twitter Account]( with your information and the prize you're claiming if you made a change or had a choice in your prize. Everyone has 48 hours to claim their prizes. Thanks for joining us on the launch of collectibles and we really hope you'll stick around when we roll out activities and GBP EN comes out.