February 21, 2018 05:55:15 +0000 (UTC)


![Imgur](https://i.imgur.com/oe1vGkt.png) # Welcoming an Upgraded Bandori.Party! ##### **--Due 28 February, 2018** Hi everyone, long time no see! Today we are unveiling the most anticipated features for the site, **Collectibles**! What are collectibles? Simply put, these are the things you can store on your account right here on Bandori.Party! Options for collectibles in this update are **Cards**, **Events**, and **Songs**! If you are familiar with the other sites apart of the [Circles](https://bandori.party/help/About%20Circles/) family, the only *new* feature for you would be **Songs**, where you can now collect your high-scores and share your plays! If you are new to how our site works, here's a run-down on some very popular features. **Cards** are collectible, so you can store all the cards on your GBP account associated with that profile! You can even catalog if a card have been trained or not, it's skill level, and which episodes you've unlocked! You can even use your favorite owned card as a profile image for that account. It's pretty sweet! Besides **Cards**, there are **Events**. Events store your high-score, ending rank, and depending on the *Event Type*, some other info! Now that we've gone over the basics of what is in this Collectible update, let's go over other fixes and helpful additions to our community! ## Search Filter Upgrades * You can now search by server availability! (Applies to Event, Gacha, Cards, and Songs) * We've compacted how skills are stored, so there is only 1 search filter for skills! * View Promo Cards! * Filter out any cards that aren't trainable with Rarity. * Visualize the cards in different way by looking at transparents, icons, chibis, and art! * Visualize cards by [Statistics](https://bandori.party/cards/?view=statistics&ordering=_overall_trained_max&reverse_order=on). Helpful for creating teams! You can also choose a specific stat, overall, or if the card is untrained or not! * Search [Limited Gacha](https://bandori.party/gachas/?search=&is_limited=2&ordering=start_date&reverse_order=on)! * Search by Event Type -- [Normal](https://bandori.party/events/?search=&i_type=0&ordering=start_date&reverse_order=on), [Challenge](https://bandori.party/events/?search=&i_type=1&ordering=start_date&reverse_order=on), [Band Battle](https://bandori.party/events/?search=&i_type=2&ordering=start_date&reverse_order=on), and [Trial](https://bandori.party/events/?search=&i_type=3&ordering=start_date&reverse_order=on). * Search by Japanese Skill & Card Names * Press enter to confirm filters~ * Search by "Origin" (Gacha, Event, Promo) * A more detailed list from [Github](https://github.com/MagiCircles/BanGDream/commit/79b4568e887a146d5146425c6d36f4bf30320fe6) ## Database Upgrades **Skills** received an overhaul in how they are displayed and stored. Now you can search by just the main skill (Score, Lock, and Heal) and view the card to see what other bonuses the skill has if any! These are more accurate than the old system using *main* and *side* skills and should reduce confusion on card functionality. **Events** now have specific parameters. For example, Challenge, Versus & Normal Events have space to record your Song Score & Rank (Challenge only has space for 1 currently, so pick your best score from the 3 songs here for now). Live Trial events have a place to record your completion of the Trial tasks (normal & EX)! You can still add an event to your account despite not knowing your final rank & score-- just leave it blank! **Multi-Server Functionality** includes the ability to store accounts on any of the functioning GBP servers, as well as searching all collectibles within that server's availability. We even store that server's gacha & event banners within the event's page now, so that's cool as well! Among our **Miscellaneous Site Improvements** are some great bug fixes, such as removing an error where it would state "x days ago" on events in the future. We also re-hauled to the way our wiki is set up, separating *Site Help* under the Three Dot Icon, and our GBP-Centered Wiki under the **Girls Band Party** tab! Which, if you didn't notice, we upgraded the tabs for the site! Currently, the actual GBP-Centered Wiki is still a work-in-progress, but we'll update again when it's closer to completion, but we do have a new side-bar set up. **Cards** are now set to sort by release date on default. Remember to set your server preference to see what's available! There's also faster loading thanks to cache pages, compacting of listed images when available (for example, card previews), Additionally, we've pushed an update for **profile info.** You can attach a verification screenshot to a specific account, store your friend code, assign that profile a server and what you play the game with (yes, even sausages). There's a detailed and simple form for profile creation now depending on how you feel. You can specify the default tab on each account AND profile! You can nickname your accounts for ease of cataloging, and each account will show up on the leader board with a signifier of the server it's on. Also there's a **cool, hidden feature** if you decide to use our site in Japanese or Korean, you'll see a new special logo created for the site just for you! The front page also comments on our donators with cute adjectives to make you feel special. And finally, we've updated our contact forms for better feedback. With all this new stuff to look forward to, we hope you'll continue using our site and become an active member of our community! Thank you all for your patience and support for almost the entire year, and be on the look out for some cool swag we're giving away to celebrate!