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![](https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/295364444320694283/405123259697201162/BobV3-2.png) # _Battle of the Bands v3_ ## _[Groupie Form](https://t.co/xMfzwuZMeg)_ | _[Discord Server](https://discord.gg/8wrXKX3)_ | _[SubCaptain Form](https://t.co/ur9FtsEKmX)_ ## Dates: February 10th, 11th, 17th, and 18th UTC After many adjustments and improvements, the staff of Bandori.Party are proud to announce the 3rd **Battle of the Bands**! If you're already familiar with the BoB and how it functions, then we suggest you hop on down to the end of this news post to view the changelog. If you think that Bob is just somebody's name, then we urge you to continue reading, so you can get a gist of what this event is all about! ### General Outline The Battle of the Bands (nicknamed the BoB) is a special event hosted by the staff of Bandori.Party and other community members! The main idea of the event is to rack up points for the band you represent! After filling out the registration form, Discord Staff will assign you to a team based off of personal preference, skill level, and availability. Once sign-ups are complete, the BoB will commence! Through official matches and missions, you’ll earn points for the team you’re representing. Once everything is over, the final results will be calculated, rewards will be handed out, and that’s that! Sounds simple, right? That's because it is! ## How does it work? **1.** Before the BoB begins, you'll be assigned to a team as either a [Groupie](https://t.co/xMfzwuZMeg) or a [SubCaptain](https://t.co/ur9FtsEKmX). **2.** Before the first round of matches begin, hang out on the server, get to know people, and just get hyped for the BoB that is about to start! **3.** Once the BoB starts, there are two ways you can gain your team points! The first way is by head on over to bob_matchmaking channel during an enemy captain’s scheduled block time to begin playing matches for your team! * When the @ here signups message pops up, react with your team logo for a chance to rep your team! * Using our trusty bot zippy (Tatsumaki), we randomly choose between you and any other of your teammates who signed up to play that match! We also use zippy to randomly choose a song theme for the round, and then all is set! * If you got picked, then once @ ed by the captain with a room code, you enter the private multilive room code provided and begin the round! You either choose a song from the theme or select [Any], and then you give it your all in the live! Once the live finishes, you’ve completed a match! You don’t have to do anything else to earn your team points for this match. * After that captain’s block(s), they will calculate the results (check out Scoring System for details), and post them ASAP! With those results, you’ll get to see how many points you contributed to your team. * Ta-da! You’ve played an official match of the BoB, and earned your team some points! * The other way to earn points is through the Missions System! It is elaborated on more down below, but every day a few missions are given to team members to complete, and upon success you will reward your team some points! It’s a very simple but fun way to contribute to your team even if you don’t have time to play a lot of matches, so we suggest you check them out as well! **4.** The BoB will continue for 2 days until the break! During the break you get to relax, hang out, or just wait for more matches, until finally #3 resumes until the end of the BoB. **5.** Once the BoB has ended, the final results will be calculated and posted ASAP. All participants will receive a participation badge, and the winners will get a special winners badge too! With that, this BoB will conclude, and you’ll be left to enjoy our server until the next one ## How is this judged? The scoring system is based off a “Perfect Million” scoring system, where each player will be scored out of one million points based on their performance. More details and formulas are available here. Players will also receive bonuses to their score based on their chosen difficulty and combo. ![](https://i.imgur.com/m4xpg30.png) The changes to the scoring formula were made based off the results from previous matches. This time, you won’t be able to beat people with just the difficulty bonus - so be sure to be playing at an appropriate difficulty! Players are then ranked based off of their score from the above scoring system, and awarded according to their rank. The point system toward the member’s bands are broken down as such: 1st Place → 50 pts. 2nd Place → 40 pts. 3rd Place → 30 pts. 4th Place → 20 pts. 5th Place → 10 pts. If a member of the team is exhausted by the end of the run, there is a deduction of 15 points (not score!) to that run - however, you cannot get negative points from a round. So please, be sure to be playing at a difficulty you can manage! At the same time, there will also be a bonus of 1 point on Easy, 2 points on Normal, 3 points on Hard, and 5 points on Expert should a player achieve a Full Combo, so keep this in mind! ## Missions Introduced during the last Battle of the Bands, missions are a way to gain points for your team outside of official matches! The IE team (the people in charge of missions) assigns groupies challenges each day at 6PM UTC in #missions_info, and upon completion they are awarded extra points for their team! ### What types of missions are there? * **Individuals:** These are daily missions that an individual can complete! They’ll be announced everyday at 6PM UTC, and groupies will have 24 hours to complete them! These missions have difficulty levels, and a groupie can complete only 2 of these a day. *Ex. [Hard] FC Determination Symphony on Hard+* * **Group:** These are daily missions that 5 groupies can complete together! They’ll be announced everyday at 6PM UTC, and groupies will have 24 hours to complete them! These missions will reward 5 points to each individual, and there will only be 1 of these missions a day. *Ex. [Medium] With a team of all unique HHW centers, have at least 2 groupies FC Don’t be afraid* * **Mini-Group:** These are daily missions that 2-3 groupies can complete together! They’ll be announced everyday at 6PM UTC, and groupies will have 24 hours to complete them! These missions will reward 5 points to each individual, and there will only be one of these missions a day. *Ex. [Easy] With centers of Kokoro and Kaoru, clear ロメオ with everyone having at least a 237 combo* * **Extended:** These are missions that are available from the start of the BoB, and will end 24 hours from the last missions announcement! There are 9 missions total in this category--3 of each difficulty--and a groupie can complete up to three of these! Each difficulty of mission will reward the same amount of points, however a bonus is given if a groupie completes all missions of a difficulty, with the bonus scaling to difficulty. *Ex. [Hard] FC Don’t Say Lazy on Hard+* ### How to submit missions? Go to #missions_submissions, and make a post with the following: * The Mission Type and Identifier (ex.Individual Hard) * The User(s): (ex. @ LatidoReMe, @ Passionate, and @ Trashi) * The Specified Screenshot: *each mission will have the specified screenshots needed to prove completion. Either insert a link to them or upload them directly with your posting so that we can verify you completed the mission* We’ll react with either a ✅ or a ❌ to indicate the status of your submission (❌ means there was something wrong with your submission and we’ll inform you how to fix it, and ✅ means you’re good) and you’re done! You’ve submitted your mission. ## [Banned Cards](http://bandori.party/cards/?add_to_favoritecard=&search=&member_id=&member_band=&i_rarity=&i_attribute=&trainable=1&i_skill_type=&i_side_skill_type=3&ordering=id&reverse_order=on&view=cards) All cards with Perfect Lock skills are banned from being your center in this event, as they'd give an unfair advantage to certain players. To figure out whether your center has a Perfect Lock skill or not, go to the Cards section of our site and filter cards based off the Perfect Lock side skill (represented by the lock icon) ## Frequently Asked Questions ![](https://i.imgur.com/3cbbhYX.jpg) For a more in-depth FAQ, go to our [BanPa BoB Playguide](https://docs.google.com/document/d/1wo9C-KYSgauLFoWJBvYnURf2L5xliRIGHMeYZyTLINg/view#) and scroll to the bottom. ### ChangeLog For vets of the event, here's a change log: ✨This time we're focusing on scheduling blocks around highest user activity ⏰ 👥 ✨There'll be a Mission System revamp 📝 ✨Less mod matches 🕵 ✨Team chats are back 💬 We hope you'll like the changes we made for BoB V3!