September 12, 2017 03:35:41 +0000 (UTC)


![alt text]( "Bandori.News") # Bandori.News Round Up! vol. 10 Welcome to the Bi-Weekly round-up! Our new banner has a chibi from artist [Brella](, who also did the full art for the mascot. Remember to [submit name ideas by 15 September](! ## Game News Following the announcement and close of the last event, [The Name of the Rose That Blooms in Eden]( Performance of Red & Blue, our first **Hello, Happy World** event in some time was announced! The event will be a challenge live format, featuring 3 Star Kokoro and 2 Star Kaoru. The Gacha will be *"Misaki in da House!"* featuring the cool 4 star Misaki/Michelle, Kanon and Hagumi. It begins at 3PM JST! As for in game content over the last 2 weeks, it has been fairly slow due to the implementation of version 1.8 of the game coming after the end of our Pure event! There were a ton of updates to the game, and [Bangdreaming]( has you covered with all the details. If you need some extra help, you can always reach us via DM on twitter and we can try to help! Story 18 was [added]( to the Main story chapters. Rank 44 is required to view as well as having viewed all previous stories! There wasn't a song included with this chapter, but we did get to have *"Time Lapse"* [added]( to our music catalogue! Several campaigns were ran over the last two weeks. The first being [Lawson's](, where we were successful and will receive 3x Premium EXP Tickets, 1x Premium Skill Ticket, and a single Michelle Monaca for 10k RTs! We also saw a [special campaign]( to recieve 35x each large jewel, coins, a premium EXP ticket, and our *very first Star Gacha Ticket*!!! If you haven't been diligent, you can try and collect everything by 17 September. This also goes for the Summer outfits if you haven't claimed all of them either! You get 50 Stars when you claim a log in bonus with these, so catch up! Garupa will be represented at Tokyo Gameshow 2017 on 24 September! A [special broadcast]( of [email protected] will be held in commemoration! Every member of Hello, Happy World will be there! (Well, except for the ever elusive Misaki..) Please be sure to tune in! [Details available here.]( Also, if you haven't heard yet, it looks like [**Garupa will be headed for the English market!**]( Confirmed at Charaexpo with various flyers and advertisements, we can expect the game in 2018 Spring (March-May 2018 for those in Australia). ## Live/Event News More details were released for **Roselia**'s second live, *"ZEIT"*. Bandori Updates brings up the [key visual]( and directed us for live viewing [opportunities in Japan]( More details on **Garuparty in Osaka** have been [revealed to us]( from Bandori Updates! There will be tons of live attractions like a Michelle mascot available for photo ops, and attendees can even snag a [Michelle mask](! A bunch of the voice actors have made their schedules open to visit the event, so if you can make it 29 October, please do! ## Merchandise News **Afterglow** released their first single this past week, and could not make it over the top 10 hump in sales to snag us in game costumes. You can still get a [copy]( of the CD if you'd like! Many people are still receiving first press bonuses! Band scores for "*Mae e Susume!/Yumemiru Sunflower*" have been made available for purchase, thank you for the information, [Bandori updates](! Garupacafe has closed its doors! However, if you have a friend in Japan or can use a proxy service, you can [order goods online]( until 22 September. And finally, our last bit of news are the new items available at Lawson as apart of the collab campaign. [Clearfiles]( and [keychains]( are in stock for limited time!