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![alt text]( "Bandori.News") # Bandori.News Round Up! vol. 9 We've decided to switch the format to bi-weekly, This is mostly due to the news itself being kind of slow, twitter being accessible, and my (violetR)'s new upcoming work schedule. I hope you all will still check in for these updates, and if anything time sensitive comes up, we will try to tweet or retweet when information comes up! Thank you! ## Game News The game has seen alot of new additions in the last two weeks. First off, a [New Event]( and Gacha began featuring **Afterglow**! The 4 star for this was Himari Uehara, and our event card is Ran Mitake! The event wraps up in 7 hours. Be sure to grind quickly if you're wanting to stay in a certain tier, or get your rewards! As for songs, we'll start with a cover from **Poppin'Party**. ["Only my railgun"]( from fripSide was released. This is part of the 4 covers that were announced from the beginning of August. The only song remaining is from **Afterglow** on 31 August. Our original songs we've gotten these last few weeks were "*Hachigatsu no IF*" from **Poppin'Party** to commemorate the airing of the Bang Dream! anime OVA. Additionally, **Roselia**'s new single, "*Nesshoku Starmine*" was added to commemorate their appearance at Anisama, a large concert event where anime music is performed. More information can be found about the event if you can read Sakuragawa Megu(Ako)'s [blog](! Finally, [Story 17]( released on the GBP app, giving everyone access to the Rimi solo song, "*Chocolate Teion no Recipe*". The release of this new main story ended the exclusive Dream Festival gacha for 3.5 million users on the GBP app, where we saw a 3% chance for a 4 star member. Additionally, the RT campaign for the Lawson Collab cards [was successful!]( We should be getting the cards very soon, as we already have their stats on site! Finally, news from the CiRCLE Broadcast! Bandori Updates provides us with all the information for this segment. [Battle Live Events]( will be the next type of event. Information on it isn't quite ready yet, but we do know it's multi-live focused and all of your members skills will proc in these lives! [Free Lives]( will now have score rankings and new missions will accompany them. The previously announced [SS Rank]( update will also see the addition of a master room. Finally, we will be able to [recruit multi-live]( partners from private rooms if you have less than 5 members! All of these updates are subject to change and we have no information on their implementation. Sorry! ## Merchandise & CD News Previously it was announced that Bang Dream was collaborating with Lawson. Now they will collaborate with a smaller chain named [Aeon](! Purchasing certain goods will net you either a storage box or crinkled handkerchief. All the featured products are Kirin drinks, but only certain ones qualify for each good. This will run from 29 August to 29 September. You can order **Roselia** goods that were sold at Anisama now. They only have a little bit of time left. [Bandori Updates]( has more information! Also, since the [4th Miracle Live]( was held, you can also [mail order]( **Poppin'Party** goods as well now. This is a reminder that the magazine spread wallscroll featuring **Hello, Happy World** is still available through [Dengeki]( There also was an announcement for [Pick-shaped]( can badges featuring all 25 members of GBP! You can [preorder]( your set now. Blu-rays 6 and 7 have released their [cover art]( and are available for preorder as well. BD7 will contain the OVA. A birthday box for **Arisa Ichigaya** has been [announced]( Bandori Updates has more information on what's [included]( in her set. If you're a fan, be sure to [order this]( quick! Finally, we will end this lengthy news post with some performance announcements! **Poppin'Party** has been invited to perform at [Charaexpo]( in Singapore. Aimi (Kasumi) will also make an appearance with Kudoharu (Sayo) as Rummy Labyrinth, and Aiai (Yukina) will appear with Kudoharu as **Roselia**! The event takes place 10 September, and [Bandori Updates]( has more information if you're interested in making it to see them!