August 15, 2017 04:04:02 +0000 (UTC)


# Bandori.News Round Up! vol. 8 ## Game News With the start of a new [Popipa Event](, featuring Arisa and Kasumi as prizes, came a new cover song from **Hello, Happy World**, ["Himawari no Yakusoku"]( from Stand by me Doraemon! With its release, we also glimpsed there would be 3 new covers [in August]( The first one revealed from **Roselia** is ["The Everlasting Guilty Crown"](, from the anime Guilty Crown. The next two covers will be by **Poppin' Party** on 26 August, and **Afterglow** on 31 August. Speaking of Poppin'Party, the event also came with a Popipa gacha, featuring a 4 Star Saaya, 3 Star Tae, and 2 Star Rimi! You can view the stats [here]( of course! There was also a brand new original song, ["Natsu no Doon!"](, a probable B-Side to "Hachigatsu no if"! GBP also has been running some summer campaigns to celebrate the [airing of]( [commercials](, the opening of the [collaboration cafe](, and Comiket! Bandori Updates gave us all the information on what to expect for the next month. Paid [star promotions](, the return of the guaranteed [4 Star Gacha](, and a starter pack of 1000 Stars and 30 Music Crystals if you log in before 30 August at 3pm! There are also some promotional 2 Star [Bandori Cafe girls]( waiting in your present box if you haven't picked them up yet. There will also be a [free costume every day, for 20 days]( until 18 September with a bonus 50 Stars! Finally, on 18 August at 9PM JST, another CiRCLE Broadcast will be [streamed](, this time with the Voice Actors of Lisa Imai and Rinko Shirokane! Thanks for the heads up, Bandori Updates! ## Merchandise & CD News In merch news, there isn't very much we haven't already reported on. A score book for [Black Shout]( will be released soon. You can also still pre-order **Afterglow's** [That is How I Roll!]( though you will not get any bonuses at this date. The same goes for **Roselia's** 3rd single, [Nesshouku Starmine](