August 07, 2017 05:03:51 +0000 (UTC)


# Bandori.News Round Up! vol. 7 ## Game News The Natsuzora Ocean Blue Gacha has been in full swing this past week, so nothing really new to report on the game front. The only thing this week is that Hello, Happy World was [successful]( in reaching rank 6 on the Oricon charts! We will be receiving the sentai-mask models in game on 9 August to celebrate. ## Merchandise & CD News [Preorder]( for **Afterglow**'s very first single "That is How I Roll" has come online! If you do, you'll receive an A4-size poster and random member card with the CD! It'll release 06 September. Also up for [preorder]( is **Poppin'Party**'s 7th single, "Hachigatsu no if" due 20 September. The single features the title track from the OVA and another unannounced track. This version of the single comes with the 3rd Live Bluray. The cover art was revealed [via twitter](, thanks to Bandori Updates for catching this! Speaking of Poppin'Party, their 4th Live is approaching. You can get goods at the live on 20 & 21 August at the Budokan venue, or online 18 August - 1 September if you're unable to make it. [Bandori Updates]( goes over which goods will be available online and at the venue. They also [report Comiket goods]( are now available online until 17 August at 1 PM JST. We also have a ton of different collaborations happening with GBP. First, we seem to have [Japanese Post certified stamps]( available featuring each of the bands. The next covers art prints with any [animate]( purchase over 1000JPY. Dengeki is releasing a Hello, Happy World [wallscroll]( much like with the Roselia first live art scan from a few months prior. And our final big collaboration is between conbini chain [Lawson]( )! If you happen to be at any of these places or can order any of these items, be sure to support GBP!