July 31, 2017 04:16:20 +0000 (UTC)


# Bandori.News Round Up! vol. 6 ## Game News Earlier this week, **"great escape"** covered by Afterglow [released](https://twitter.com/bang_dream_gbp/status/889728758181093378 ). It's a pretty nice cover at varying difficulties! We also are getting **"Fuwa Fuwa Time"** [tonight](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6qa8yqaTySQ&list=PLvRmS87ezZfojKezrsD_tVV8et4iUReLN) from PasuPare! You should be able to pick it up when the newest event, featuring 3 Star Rinko and 2 Star Ako, [Happy Summer Vacation](http://bandori.party/event/14/Happy-Summer-Vacation/) begins! The event comes with a **LIMITED GACHA** featuring a 4 Star Lisa, 3 Star Himari, and 2 Star Aya! Besides this, the Livestream was pretty quiet and only left hints for a few songs. One of them being a "popular anime" and a "vocaloid song"! What could they be? ## Merchandise & CD News Also announced from the CiRCLE live broadcast, the announcement of **"That Is How I Roll!"** from [Afterglow](https://twitter.com/bang_dream_gbp/status/890911652857511937) on 06 September blew us away! Be sure to preorder in a few weeks when it becomes available. We will definitely let you know when that is from our twitter! We also got an announcement about a brand new [Girl's Band Party Collab Cafe](https://bang-dream-cafe.jp/)! There are a ton of goods for sale at the cafe, including large canvas prints of the band vocalists, posters/wallscrolls, limited acrylic keychains and coasters you can take home when you dine in! The Cafe will run 10 August thru 8 September, so if you're in Tokyo you should make a reservation quick! In micronews, if you have a JP LINE account, you can get GBP [stickers](https://twitter.com/bandori_updates/status/890545867505008641) to annoy your friends with "Shuwa Shuwa" all day long. Don't forget, you can still preorder **"Egao no Orchestra"** from [CDJapan.](http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/aff/click.cgi/PytJTGW7Lok/5590/A364348/product%2FBRMM-10093) It releases in 2 days on 2 August. The GBP Twitter [announced](https://twitter.com/bang_dream_gbp/status/890092578569322497) that there will be another Oricon Chart challenge! Get the HaroHapi girls into the top 10 so we all receive the Sentai-Mask models in-game!