July 17, 2017 05:50:19 +0000 (UTC)


# Bandori.News Round Up! vol. 4 ## Game News Tomoe and Ako's event and gacha are still ongoing! Keep track of the event here. The gacha will remain until the next event starts. Also announced is the inclusion of two new songs from Poppin'Party and Roselia, taken from the OVA! [Thanks for the info, Bandori Updates!](https://twitter.com/bandori_updates/status/886264368488370176) The game [will be updating](https://twitter.com/bang_dream_gbp/status/886782687846912003) to build 1.7 at 2 AM JST, following the conclusion of Tomoe and Ako's event. This update will include missions, live boost recovery items, and increased EXP for lives performed. Finally, Shuwarin' Dreamin' obtained a spot in the [Top 5](https://twitter.com/bang_dream_gbp/status/885335666124439553) on the Oricon charts! Every user will be obtaining the Pastel*Palette's training outfits for each girl in game at a later date. ## Anime News This past weekend, the BanG Dream! OVA premiered across Japan in theatres. Bandori Updates [reported](https://twitter.com/bandori_updates/status/885496336207851522) two screenshots from the OVA featuring Roselia and Poppin'Party on their summer vacation, and that the OVA will be formally released on Blu-ray 7. ## Merchandise News In merch land, we are seeing more and more GBP items! There is an [event ongoing until the end of the month](https://bushiroad-creative.com/pages/bangdream_event) right now with BanG Dream! Featuring Girl's Band Party. Merchandise on sale features the Poppin'Party art accompanying the Kasumi birthday illustrations as a wallscroll, buttons, acrylic keychains, fans and clearfiles. There's also an additional metal keychain set available. For the others, they have band stickers for every girl, clear files and lanyards of each band! They also have a smart phone case for purchase, featuring the logo and icons from the game. Bandori Updates also let us know about [Comiket92 goods](http://bushiroad.com/sp/ck92/goods/index.html) that will be available from Poppin'Party and the other GBP bands. There will be a [Tote, pouch, and keychain](https://twitter.com/bandori_updates/status/884716098137899008) available featuring the game's main image, a [Roselia Polo, and band phone cases](https://twitter.com/bandori_updates/status/884716321967005696), as well as some [edgy wallet keychains and clearfiles](https://twitter.com/bandori_updates/status/884716767863488512). Everything here but the clearfiles will be sold online 3-17 August following Comiket! Our last bit of merchandise news are trendy [hairpin and bracelet](https://twitter.com/oem_wagokoro/status/885109542807257089) combos. They are available for 5900¥ from Kanzashi OEM, I personally think they are super cute and different from most merchandise I see released~