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![Giveaway Banner]( # Let's Celebrate! Collectible Launch Giveaway! Hi all, aren't you super excited about the collections and activities being implemented on the site? We sure are! We're so excited, we're holding a few contests and giveaways for the occasion. Read below for some different ways to enter and prizes we have included for this fantastic occasion! You can enter the contest in all 2 areas of entry if you'd like to bolster your chances. However, you can only win a category once. If you win in multiple, the runner-up in that area will be getting the prize. **YES, THIS IS OPEN WORLD WIDE**! ## Twitter Giveaway 1. Add your cards to your collection from [this link]( 2. Customize your profile to fit your style: [settings]( 3. (Optional) Add your list of [participated events](, [played songs](, and [favorite cards]( 4. Enter through []( for the **random entry** category. Then reply to the tweet generated from with a profile link and any extra stuff you want to include (photos for example) to wow the Staff for **staff pick**! *Note: If you include images, only use official artworks, artworks you own, or fan artworks that are approved by the artist and credited.* #### Prizes - **Most popular** The tweet with the highest number of likes + retweets (combined) will get 1 Maya Yamato -OR- Moca Aoba pick. ![Pick Giveaway]( - **Staff favorite** The nicest profile handpicked by staff (with cards & details filled, links added and nice presentation at the top) will get 1 Saaya Yamabuki -OR- Yukina Minato rubber strap. ![Rubber Straps Giveaway]( - **Random** One tweet will be selected randomly. The winner will get 1 Arisa Ichigaya badge. ![Arisa Ichigaya badge giveaway]( *If you win and you want to swap prize with another winner, ask them and let us know!* ## Feedback Giveaway If you want a simple approach, you can leave a line about what else you think needs to be on Bandori.Party, how you feel about the site, or if you wanna let us know we're awesome and the site is worth crying ourselves to sleep in exhaustion sometimes (I'm joking) (but really). We will choose 3 random people that submit **valid feedback** from the form. What's valid feedback? Anything longer than 4 sentences and isn't just a random "owo what's this" or a spammy link to check out your Myspace account or whatever. Fill it out [here]( #### Prizes A custom twitter icon/header combo for your profile by [BrokenMadnessu](! ![Imgur](

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![Imgur]( # Welcoming an Upgraded Bandori.Party! ##### **--Due 28 February, 2018** Hi everyone, long time no see! Today we are unveiling the most anticipated features for the site, **Collectibles**! What are collectibles? Simply put, these are the things you can store on your account right here on Bandori.Party! Options for collectibles in this update are **Cards**, **Events**, and **Songs**! If you are familiar with the other sites apart of the [Circles]( family, the only *new* feature for you would be **Songs**, where you can now collect your high-scores and share your plays! If you are new to how our site works, here's a run-down on some very popular features. **Cards** are collectible, so you can store all the cards on your GBP account associated with that profile! You can even catalog if a card have been trained or not, it's skill level, and which episodes you've unlocked! You can even use your favorite owned card as a profile image for that account. It's pretty sweet! Besides **Cards**, there are **Events**. Events store your high-score, ending rank, and depending on the *Event Type*, some other info! Now that we've gone over the basics of what is in this Collectible update, let's go over other fixes and helpful additions to our community! ## Search Filter Upgrades * You can now search by server availability! (Applies to Event, Gacha, Cards, and Songs) * We've compacted how skills are stored, so there is only 1 search filter for skills! * View Promo Cards! * Filter out any cards that aren't trainable with Rarity. * Visualize the cards in different way by looking at transparents, icons, chibis, and art! * Visualize cards by [Statistics]( Helpful for creating teams! You can also choose a specific stat, overall, or if the card is untrained or not! * Search [Limited Gacha](! * Search by Event Type -- [Normal](, [Challenge](, [Band Battle](, and [Trial]( * Search by Japanese Skill & Card Names * Press enter to confirm filters~ * Search by "Origin" (Gacha, Event, Promo) * A more detailed list from [Github]( ## Database Upgrades **Skills** received an overhaul in how they are displayed and stored. Now you can search by just the main skill (Score, Lock, and Heal) and view the card to see what other bonuses the skill has if any! These are more accurate than the old system using *main* and *side* skills and should reduce confusion on card functionality. **Events** now have specific parameters. For example, Challenge, Versus & Normal Events have space to record your Song Score & Rank (Challenge only has space for 1 currently, so pick your best score from the 3 songs here for now). Live Trial events have a place to record your completion of the Trial tasks (normal & EX)! You can still add an event to your account despite not knowing your final rank & score-- just leave it blank! **Multi-Server Functionality** includes the ability to store accounts on any of the functioning GBP servers, as well as searching all collectibles within that server's availability. We even store that server's gacha & event banners within the event's page now, so that's cool as well! Among our **Miscellaneous Site Improvements** are some great bug fixes, such as removing an error where it would state "x days ago" on events in the future. We also re-hauled to the way our wiki is set up, separating *Site Help* under the Three Dot Icon, and our GBP-Centered Wiki under the **Girls Band Party** tab! Which, if you didn't notice, we upgraded the tabs for the site! Currently, the actual GBP-Centered Wiki is still a work-in-progress, but we'll update again when it's closer to completion, but we do have a new side-bar set up. **Cards** are now set to sort by release date on default. Remember to set your server preference to see what's available! There's also faster loading thanks to cache pages, compacting of listed images when available (for example, card previews), Additionally, we've pushed an update for **profile info.** You can attach a verification screenshot to a specific account, store your friend code, assign that profile a server and what you play the game with (yes, even sausages). There's a detailed and simple form for profile creation now depending on how you feel. You can specify the default tab on each account AND profile! You can nickname your accounts for ease of cataloging, and each account will show up on the leader board with a signifier of the server it's on. Also there's a **cool, hidden feature** if you decide to use our site in Japanese or Korean, you'll see a new special logo created for the site just for you! The front page also comments on our donators with cute adjectives to make you feel special. And finally, we've updated our contact forms for better feedback. With all this new stuff to look forward to, we hope you'll continue using our site and become an active member of our community! Thank you all for your patience and support for almost the entire year, and be on the look out for some cool swag we're giving away to celebrate!

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![Image]( ###### *banner by [natsushi](* # **Bandori.Party is Live!** Hurray! It's the start of a new website by and for our lovely rhythm-game lovers community! ![]( To start - we would like to thank a few groups: the wonderful staff team (particularly [Deby]( for making this website and giveaway possible; community artists, who provided us with additional prizes; and finally, [our patrons](, who provide us with the funds to run these giveaways and websites. Speaking of patrons - they allow us to run our websites ad-free and enjoyable for everyone. Servers are expensive, and patrons are what funds these projects. Without them, we would not be able to hold these giveaways (but then again, the website itself wouldn't be there). And while being a patron isn't required to enter the giveaway, it does multiply your chances by 3, so please consider supporting us! ## **[Support Bandori Party on Patreon!](** Now, here comes the fun part - the giveaway! We have decided to giveaway some official merchandise from Japan, as well as some wonderful artworks by community artists in celebration of the launch! Entering is simple - simply click on the following link! ## **[Click here to join the giveaway!](** Once again, you don't need to be a patron to enter, but it does multiply your chances by 3, so please consider supporting us! And for those who don't want to become a patron, it's OK! There are other ways to support us - some of which also multiplies your chances~ # **Prizes** - One (1) custom drawing by [aorteau]( ![Image]( - One (1) full-sized chibi by [Nacko]( ![Image]( - One (1) full-sized chibi by [princesskris]( ![Image]( # **Rules** - Only ONE entry per person (+ extra points if any). ***We will check and remove all entries from cheaters!*** - You can multiply your chances to win by 2 if you follow [@BandoriParty]( on Twitter - You can multiply your chances to win by 4 if you tweet about the launch (only using the tweet template provided when you enter the giveaway) - You can multiply your chances by 3 if you support us on [Patreon]( <3 - Follow + Tweet multiplies by 5 - Follow + Patreon multiplies by 4 - Tweet + Patreon multiplies by 6 - Follow + Tweet + Patreon multiplies by 7 - 5 different winners will be picked randomly (the randomizer will take into account multipliers) - Winners will be contacted by email, so make sure you use a valid email address! - Winners will be picked in a certain order and will be able to pick their favorite prize in that order. For example, if you're 2nd, and the 1st winner picked a custom drawing, you can pick any prize except that particular custom drawing. - The prizes are physical items, so we will need your mailing address. However, the drawings will be digital and sent to you personally! # **[Click here to enter the giveaway!](**

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![]( # _Battle of the Bands v3_ ## _[Groupie Form]( | _[Discord Server]( | _[SubCaptain Form]( ## Dates: February 10th, 11th, 17th, and 18th UTC After many adjustments and improvements, the staff of Bandori.Party are proud to announce the 3rd **Battle of the Bands**! If you're already familiar with the BoB and how it functions, then we suggest you hop on down to the end of this news post to view the changelog. If you think that Bob is just somebody's name, then we urge you to continue reading, so you can get a gist of what this event is all about! ### General Outline The Battle of the Bands (nicknamed the BoB) is a special event hosted by the staff of Bandori.Party and other community members! The main idea of the event is to rack up points for the band you represent! After filling out the registration form, Discord Staff will assign you to a team based off of personal preference, skill level, and availability. Once sign-ups are complete, the BoB will commence! Through official matches and missions, you’ll earn points for the team you’re representing. Once everything is over, the final results will be calculated, rewards will be handed out, and that’s that! Sounds simple, right? That's because it is! ## How does it work? **1.** Before the BoB begins, you'll be assigned to a team as either a [Groupie]( or a [SubCaptain]( **2.** Before the first round of matches begin, hang out on the server, get to know people, and just get hyped for the BoB that is about to start! **3.** Once the BoB starts, there are two ways you can gain your team points! The first way is by head on over to bob_matchmaking channel during an enemy captain’s scheduled block time to begin playing matches for your team! * When the @ here signups message pops up, react with your team logo for a chance to rep your team! * Using our trusty bot zippy (Tatsumaki), we randomly choose between you and any other of your teammates who signed up to play that match! We also use zippy to randomly choose a song theme for the round, and then all is set! * If you got picked, then once @ ed by the captain with a room code, you enter the private multilive room code provided and begin the round! You either choose a song from the theme or select [Any], and then you give it your all in the live! Once the live finishes, you’ve completed a match! You don’t have to do anything else to earn your team points for this match. * After that captain’s block(s), they will calculate the results (check out Scoring System for details), and post them ASAP! With those results, you’ll get to see how many points you contributed to your team. * Ta-da! You’ve played an official match of the BoB, and earned your team some points! * The other way to earn points is through the Missions System! It is elaborated on more down below, but every day a few missions are given to team members to complete, and upon success you will reward your team some points! It’s a very simple but fun way to contribute to your team even if you don’t have time to play a lot of matches, so we suggest you check them out as well! **4.** The BoB will continue for 2 days until the break! During the break you get to relax, hang out, or just wait for more matches, until finally #3 resumes until the end of the BoB. **5.** Once the BoB has ended, the final results will be calculated and posted ASAP. All participants will receive a participation badge, and the winners will get a special winners badge too! With that, this BoB will conclude, and you’ll be left to enjoy our server until the next one ## How is this judged? The scoring system is based off a “Perfect Million” scoring system, where each player will be scored out of one million points based on their performance. More details and formulas are available here. Players will also receive bonuses to their score based on their chosen difficulty and combo. ![]( The changes to the scoring formula were made based off the results from previous matches. This time, you won’t be able to beat people with just the difficulty bonus - so be sure to be playing at an appropriate difficulty! Players are then ranked based off of their score from the above scoring system, and awarded according to their rank. The point system toward the member’s bands are broken down as such: 1st Place → 50 pts. 2nd Place → 40 pts. 3rd Place → 30 pts. 4th Place → 20 pts. 5th Place → 10 pts. If a member of the team is exhausted by the end of the run, there is a deduction of 15 points (not score!) to that run - however, you cannot get negative points from a round. So please, be sure to be playing at a difficulty you can manage! At the same time, there will also be a bonus of 1 point on Easy, 2 points on Normal, 3 points on Hard, and 5 points on Expert should a player achieve a Full Combo, so keep this in mind! ## Missions Introduced during the last Battle of the Bands, missions are a way to gain points for your team outside of official matches! The IE team (the people in charge of missions) assigns groupies challenges each day at 6PM UTC in #missions_info, and upon completion they are awarded extra points for their team! ### What types of missions are there? * **Individuals:** These are daily missions that an individual can complete! They’ll be announced everyday at 6PM UTC, and groupies will have 24 hours to complete them! These missions have difficulty levels, and a groupie can complete only 2 of these a day. *Ex. [Hard] FC Determination Symphony on Hard+* * **Group:** These are daily missions that 5 groupies can complete together! They’ll be announced everyday at 6PM UTC, and groupies will have 24 hours to complete them! These missions will reward 5 points to each individual, and there will only be 1 of these missions a day. *Ex. [Medium] With a team of all unique HHW centers, have at least 2 groupies FC Don’t be afraid* * **Mini-Group:** These are daily missions that 2-3 groupies can complete together! They’ll be announced everyday at 6PM UTC, and groupies will have 24 hours to complete them! These missions will reward 5 points to each individual, and there will only be one of these missions a day. *Ex. [Easy] With centers of Kokoro and Kaoru, clear ロメオ with everyone having at least a 237 combo* * **Extended:** These are missions that are available from the start of the BoB, and will end 24 hours from the last missions announcement! There are 9 missions total in this category--3 of each difficulty--and a groupie can complete up to three of these! Each difficulty of mission will reward the same amount of points, however a bonus is given if a groupie completes all missions of a difficulty, with the bonus scaling to difficulty. *Ex. [Hard] FC Don’t Say Lazy on Hard+* ### How to submit missions? Go to #missions_submissions, and make a post with the following: * The Mission Type and Identifier (ex.Individual Hard) * The User(s): (ex. @ LatidoReMe, @ Passionate, and @ Trashi) * The Specified Screenshot: *each mission will have the specified screenshots needed to prove completion. Either insert a link to them or upload them directly with your posting so that we can verify you completed the mission* We’ll react with either a ✅ or a ❌ to indicate the status of your submission (❌ means there was something wrong with your submission and we’ll inform you how to fix it, and ✅ means you’re good) and you’re done! You’ve submitted your mission. ## [Banned Cards]( All cards with Perfect Lock skills are banned from being your center in this event, as they'd give an unfair advantage to certain players. To figure out whether your center has a Perfect Lock skill or not, go to the Cards section of our site and filter cards based off the Perfect Lock side skill (represented by the lock icon) ## Frequently Asked Questions ![]( For a more in-depth FAQ, go to our [BanPa BoB Playguide]( and scroll to the bottom. ### ChangeLog For vets of the event, here's a change log: ✨This time we're focusing on scheduling blocks around highest user activity ⏰ 👥 ✨There'll be a Mission System revamp 📝 ✨Less mod matches 🕵 ✨Team chats are back 💬 We hope you'll like the changes we made for BoB V3!

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![alt text]( "Bandori.News") # Bandori.News Round Up! vol. 10 Welcome to the Bi-Weekly round-up! Our new banner has a chibi from artist [Brella](, who also did the full art for the mascot. Remember to [submit name ideas by 15 September](! ## Game News Following the announcement and close of the last event, [The Name of the Rose That Blooms in Eden]( Performance of Red & Blue, our first **Hello, Happy World** event in some time was announced! The event will be a challenge live format, featuring 3 Star Kokoro and 2 Star Kaoru. The Gacha will be *"Misaki in da House!"* featuring the cool 4 star Misaki/Michelle, Kanon and Hagumi. It begins at 3PM JST! As for in game content over the last 2 weeks, it has been fairly slow due to the implementation of version 1.8 of the game coming after the end of our Pure event! There were a ton of updates to the game, and [Bangdreaming]( has you covered with all the details. If you need some extra help, you can always reach us via DM on twitter and we can try to help! Story 18 was [added]( to the Main story chapters. Rank 44 is required to view as well as having viewed all previous stories! There wasn't a song included with this chapter, but we did get to have *"Time Lapse"* [added]( to our music catalogue! Several campaigns were ran over the last two weeks. The first being [Lawson's](, where we were successful and will receive 3x Premium EXP Tickets, 1x Premium Skill Ticket, and a single Michelle Monaca for 10k RTs! We also saw a [special campaign]( to recieve 35x each large jewel, coins, a premium EXP ticket, and our *very first Star Gacha Ticket*!!! If you haven't been diligent, you can try and collect everything by 17 September. This also goes for the Summer outfits if you haven't claimed all of them either! You get 50 Stars when you claim a log in bonus with these, so catch up! Garupa will be represented at Tokyo Gameshow 2017 on 24 September! A [special broadcast]( of [email protected] will be held in commemoration! Every member of Hello, Happy World will be there! (Well, except for the ever elusive Misaki..) Please be sure to tune in! [Details available here.]( Also, if you haven't heard yet, it looks like [**Garupa will be headed for the English market!**]( Confirmed at Charaexpo with various flyers and advertisements, we can expect the game in 2018 Spring (March-May 2018 for those in Australia). ## Live/Event News More details were released for **Roselia**'s second live, *"ZEIT"*. Bandori Updates brings up the [key visual]( and directed us for live viewing [opportunities in Japan]( More details on **Garuparty in Osaka** have been [revealed to us]( from Bandori Updates! There will be tons of live attractions like a Michelle mascot available for photo ops, and attendees can even snag a [Michelle mask](! A bunch of the voice actors have made their schedules open to visit the event, so if you can make it 29 October, please do! ## Merchandise News **Afterglow** released their first single this past week, and could not make it over the top 10 hump in sales to snag us in game costumes. You can still get a [copy]( of the CD if you'd like! Many people are still receiving first press bonuses! Band scores for "*Mae e Susume!/Yumemiru Sunflower*" have been made available for purchase, thank you for the information, [Bandori updates](! Garupacafe has closed its doors! However, if you have a friend in Japan or can use a proxy service, you can [order goods online]( until 22 September. And finally, our last bit of news are the new items available at Lawson as apart of the collab campaign. [Clearfiles]( and [keychains]( are in stock for limited time!

September 04, 2017 03:32:30 +0000 (UTC)


# ANNOUNCING THE WINNER OF THE MASCOT CONTEST! Hello everyone! It's been a grueling 3 months since we opened the mascot contest, and 1 since we closed it! I know most of you all are excited to finally see the winner of this contest, because I'm really excited to finally announce it myself! We got 13 unique entrants and 16 designs to look through! I was really overwhelmed with the response for such a small contest. We want to stress to everyone how hard it was to pick from so many great applicants. For these reasons, we had a score card for our **guest artist judges**! The scoring system was based on **Visual Appeal, Apparent Age of the Mascot, How Well Appearance linked to the Bandori.Party website, and memorability**. Each category had a certain integer associated with the answers taken from the artists. Meanwhile, active staff members were asked to rank their top 3 and give reasons to their vote, and were added to artist score cards as bonus points. Additionally, names were removed from all entries to prevent a bias if there should have been any connection between the staff, artists, and art judges. ## [You can view all of the entries here!]( Without further ado, our winner of **BOTH** Artists Choice & Staff Pick, and our mascot for Bandori.Party is... ![alt text]( "Entry 4 by NeroMao") # **ENTRY 4 - BY USER [NEROMAO](!!!** ###### Design is not final, however. There will be modifications made by our official artist. The winner is aware! The end of this contest means a new one will begin, because I think our *Character* Needs a name, don't you? You can [submit names here]( until 15 September. This will be a for-fun event and final voting will occur after the names are screened by the staff for the top 4 names! You can submit as many names as you would like, just submit each name separately. Thank you! We have some comments on the winning design presented by our staff and guest artist judges to go along with the announcement! Our first judge is **[Amber Avara](**, a webcomic creator who's addicted to character design! Her comments were as follows with the announcement of the winner: *"The winning design is very cute and definitely reads as an idol girl character! I'd personally work a little more on "branding"--parts of the other designs that I thought were really successful was the use of the yellow star, if that could be incorporated into this final design I think it'd be a perfect match! She's got an oldschool vibe that's nostalgic in the good way--reminds me of classical magical girls like Cardcaptor Sakura. Overall, a very cute character! Congratulations!"* Our second judge is **[D. Artemisatto](**, who collaborated with Natasha Allegri on the design for Vocaloid Ruby. She had this to say to the winning design: *"A very lovely design, not too serious or too informal, nor does it feel too Idol-like by itself, but as a manager indeed. I feel it picked the webpage elements nicely, plus added some interesting accessories like the usb cords as hairpiece and tablet relating it to the digital nature of the game and the online community. As a character I can link it to the franchise both as a mascot and as a demographic, she doesn't feel too old or too young, but someone anyone can relate to."* Third, we have **[Jadii]( )**, a very prolific colorist and artist from Ireland who's had a following on dA for sometime. Her comments to the winner: *"I think this design is the perfect middle ground between too simple and over designed. It has an excellent balanced colour scheme, structure and plenty of well thought out small details that bring the design together. There were many good designs I liked but I think this is a great representation/mascot for Bandori.Party!"* Our fourth and final judge will be the final designer and artist for the winning design, **[Brella](**! *"Congratulations on the winner! It's my pleasure to be able to draw their character as the chosen Bandori Party mascot. She was one of my favorite designs of the bunch as she was a clear reflection of the website's purpose, and design aesthetic. I see the vibe of someone who's intelligent, responsible, enthusiastic, and youthful."* The staff comments on the design begin with [mine]( Personally, I just had a feeling with this one. Her color scheme of course was very indicative of the franchise and our very own site, and I love that she's basically a gijinka of the database! **[Ambi](** commented on the fact her character data was "android" over human, changing the game for her completely when it came to voting. The artists comments on the use of memory storage also really stood out, as well as the color scheme (again!) and the use of a dark brown/red over a complete black in the design. Our final staff comment comes from **[Passionate](**, *"Though I didn’t expect a non-human entry in this competition, it was a rather unique entry that definitely caught my attention! I personally have very little experience in judging mascots and such (this is my first time being a main judge, to be honest), but out of all the entries (which were all very appealing, by the way!), this was one of the most visually appealing. Not only was the colour scheme of this entry was fairly easy on the eyes, it also matched very well with colours of Bandori.Party, as well as the concept of Bandori.Party’s mission - a fan-made database for BanG Dream, made by fans, for fans! Starting from the unique concept, to an appealing colour scheme, and above all, reflecting the purpose of Bandori.Party, this entry was definitely one of the strongest, and was in no way undeserving of being the winner! Congratulations!"* The two other staff members involved in the voting declined to comment or couldn't be reached. Thank you again for everyone's submissions. I really had no idea how this would turn out. I was getting kind of anxious that this event would be a total flop or we wouldn't be able to see it through. Thank you all for submitting, and thank you all for viewing and supporting Bandori.Party so far. Hope to see you again soon!

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# BANDORI.PARTY PRESENTS: DESIGN OUR MANAGER! Have you noticed in the world of Bandori, there's all sorts of managers? We have the old lady in SPACE, our fearless leader Marina at CiRCLE... But we don't have one for Bandori.Party! We don't have many guidelines, because we want to see what you come up with! All we ask is you design a **live-house manager** with Bandori.Party in mind! If you don't think you're the best artist, we will take your design idea and one of our staff artists will redraw your vision! You don't have to do a fully rendered art piece to win! # [WINNER ANNOUNCED HERE!]( ___ ## FAQ **Why a Manager?** In the BanG Dream! Universe, its focused on girl bands operating in girl-band specialised live houses. As a database and "hub" for the game, we think having a manager mascot would be an obvious choice. Even though it seems like there aren't many men in this universe, we aren't closing that option for the contest. So just submit what you think will be the best fit for a Bandori.Party manager! **Okay, so, What's a Bandori.Party Live House?** Not being literal here, it's just the theme for this contest. We're pretending that the site is like a live-house, due to the parallels in the networking/hub like atmosphere, and asking for a 'manager'. **What do you mean by a 'rendered image'?** This would mean you provided a full body image, fully colored/shaded and in high resolution. However, we realise not all great ideas come from people who can fully render their idea. **So, what should I include if I submit just a design?** You can be as detailed or not as you would like, however keep in mind overall design will be judged. So we'd like to see a hairstyle, hair/eye color, the outfit, any accessories they might have, and a color palette. **What Happens to my design if it wins?** This is covered in the Terms & Conditions you accept when you submit your design/image. Please read it on the submission form. **Anything else?** Please take all the liberties you want, but keep in mind that the character is a manager of the Bandori.Party live house, and should reflect that. You can name them for an added touch if you'd like. If you have anymore questions, we would be happy to answer them below in the comments! ## Contest Ended 08/01/17

August 29, 2017 04:57:42 +0000 (UTC)


![alt text]( "Bandori.News") # Bandori.News Round Up! vol. 9 We've decided to switch the format to bi-weekly, This is mostly due to the news itself being kind of slow, twitter being accessible, and my (violetR)'s new upcoming work schedule. I hope you all will still check in for these updates, and if anything time sensitive comes up, we will try to tweet or retweet when information comes up! Thank you! ## Game News The game has seen alot of new additions in the last two weeks. First off, a [New Event]( and Gacha began featuring **Afterglow**! The 4 star for this was Himari Uehara, and our event card is Ran Mitake! The event wraps up in 7 hours. Be sure to grind quickly if you're wanting to stay in a certain tier, or get your rewards! As for songs, we'll start with a cover from **Poppin'Party**. ["Only my railgun"]( from fripSide was released. This is part of the 4 covers that were announced from the beginning of August. The only song remaining is from **Afterglow** on 31 August. Our original songs we've gotten these last few weeks were "*Hachigatsu no IF*" from **Poppin'Party** to commemorate the airing of the Bang Dream! anime OVA. Additionally, **Roselia**'s new single, "*Nesshoku Starmine*" was added to commemorate their appearance at Anisama, a large concert event where anime music is performed. More information can be found about the event if you can read Sakuragawa Megu(Ako)'s [blog](! Finally, [Story 17]( released on the GBP app, giving everyone access to the Rimi solo song, "*Chocolate Teion no Recipe*". The release of this new main story ended the exclusive Dream Festival gacha for 3.5 million users on the GBP app, where we saw a 3% chance for a 4 star member. Additionally, the RT campaign for the Lawson Collab cards [was successful!]( We should be getting the cards very soon, as we already have their stats on site! Finally, news from the CiRCLE Broadcast! Bandori Updates provides us with all the information for this segment. [Battle Live Events]( will be the next type of event. Information on it isn't quite ready yet, but we do know it's multi-live focused and all of your members skills will proc in these lives! [Free Lives]( will now have score rankings and new missions will accompany them. The previously announced [SS Rank]( update will also see the addition of a master room. Finally, we will be able to [recruit multi-live]( partners from private rooms if you have less than 5 members! All of these updates are subject to change and we have no information on their implementation. Sorry! ## Merchandise & CD News Previously it was announced that Bang Dream was collaborating with Lawson. Now they will collaborate with a smaller chain named [Aeon](! Purchasing certain goods will net you either a storage box or crinkled handkerchief. All the featured products are Kirin drinks, but only certain ones qualify for each good. This will run from 29 August to 29 September. You can order **Roselia** goods that were sold at Anisama now. They only have a little bit of time left. [Bandori Updates]( has more information! Also, since the [4th Miracle Live]( was held, you can also [mail order]( **Poppin'Party** goods as well now. This is a reminder that the magazine spread wallscroll featuring **Hello, Happy World** is still available through [Dengeki]( There also was an announcement for [Pick-shaped]( can badges featuring all 25 members of GBP! You can [preorder]( your set now. Blu-rays 6 and 7 have released their [cover art]( and are available for preorder as well. BD7 will contain the OVA. A birthday box for **Arisa Ichigaya** has been [announced]( Bandori Updates has more information on what's [included]( in her set. If you're a fan, be sure to [order this]( quick! Finally, we will end this lengthy news post with some performance announcements! **Poppin'Party** has been invited to perform at [Charaexpo]( in Singapore. Aimi (Kasumi) will also make an appearance with Kudoharu (Sayo) as Rummy Labyrinth, and Aiai (Yukina) will appear with Kudoharu as **Roselia**! The event takes place 10 September, and [Bandori Updates]( has more information if you're interested in making it to see them!

August 15, 2017 04:04:02 +0000 (UTC)


# Bandori.News Round Up! vol. 8 ## Game News With the start of a new [Popipa Event](, featuring Arisa and Kasumi as prizes, came a new cover song from **Hello, Happy World**, ["Himawari no Yakusoku"]( from Stand by me Doraemon! With its release, we also glimpsed there would be 3 new covers [in August]( The first one revealed from **Roselia** is ["The Everlasting Guilty Crown"](, from the anime Guilty Crown. The next two covers will be by **Poppin' Party** on 26 August, and **Afterglow** on 31 August. Speaking of Poppin'Party, the event also came with a Popipa gacha, featuring a 4 Star Saaya, 3 Star Tae, and 2 Star Rimi! You can view the stats [here]( of course! There was also a brand new original song, ["Natsu no Doon!"](, a probable B-Side to "Hachigatsu no if"! GBP also has been running some summer campaigns to celebrate the [airing of]( [commercials](, the opening of the [collaboration cafe](, and Comiket! Bandori Updates gave us all the information on what to expect for the next month. Paid [star promotions](, the return of the guaranteed [4 Star Gacha](, and a starter pack of 1000 Stars and 30 Music Crystals if you log in before 30 August at 3pm! There are also some promotional 2 Star [Bandori Cafe girls]( waiting in your present box if you haven't picked them up yet. There will also be a [free costume every day, for 20 days]( until 18 September with a bonus 50 Stars! Finally, on 18 August at 9PM JST, another CiRCLE Broadcast will be [streamed](, this time with the Voice Actors of Lisa Imai and Rinko Shirokane! Thanks for the heads up, Bandori Updates! ## Merchandise & CD News In merch news, there isn't very much we haven't already reported on. A score book for [Black Shout]( will be released soon. You can also still pre-order **Afterglow's** [That is How I Roll!]( though you will not get any bonuses at this date. The same goes for **Roselia's** 3rd single, [Nesshouku Starmine](

August 07, 2017 05:03:51 +0000 (UTC)


# Bandori.News Round Up! vol. 7 ## Game News The Natsuzora Ocean Blue Gacha has been in full swing this past week, so nothing really new to report on the game front. The only thing this week is that Hello, Happy World was [successful]( in reaching rank 6 on the Oricon charts! We will be receiving the sentai-mask models in game on 9 August to celebrate. ## Merchandise & CD News [Preorder]( for **Afterglow**'s very first single "That is How I Roll" has come online! If you do, you'll receive an A4-size poster and random member card with the CD! It'll release 06 September. Also up for [preorder]( is **Poppin'Party**'s 7th single, "Hachigatsu no if" due 20 September. The single features the title track from the OVA and another unannounced track. This version of the single comes with the 3rd Live Bluray. The cover art was revealed [via twitter](, thanks to Bandori Updates for catching this! Speaking of Poppin'Party, their 4th Live is approaching. You can get goods at the live on 20 & 21 August at the Budokan venue, or online 18 August - 1 September if you're unable to make it. [Bandori Updates]( goes over which goods will be available online and at the venue. They also [report Comiket goods]( are now available online until 17 August at 1 PM JST. We also have a ton of different collaborations happening with GBP. First, we seem to have [Japanese Post certified stamps]( available featuring each of the bands. The next covers art prints with any [animate]( purchase over 1000JPY. Dengeki is releasing a Hello, Happy World [wallscroll]( much like with the Roselia first live art scan from a few months prior. And our final big collaboration is between conbini chain [Lawson]( )! If you happen to be at any of these places or can order any of these items, be sure to support GBP!

July 31, 2017 04:16:20 +0000 (UTC)


# Bandori.News Round Up! vol. 6 ## Game News Earlier this week, **"great escape"** covered by Afterglow [released]( ). It's a pretty nice cover at varying difficulties! We also are getting **"Fuwa Fuwa Time"** [tonight]( from PasuPare! You should be able to pick it up when the newest event, featuring 3 Star Rinko and 2 Star Ako, [Happy Summer Vacation]( begins! The event comes with a **LIMITED GACHA** featuring a 4 Star Lisa, 3 Star Himari, and 2 Star Aya! Besides this, the Livestream was pretty quiet and only left hints for a few songs. One of them being a "popular anime" and a "vocaloid song"! What could they be? ## Merchandise & CD News Also announced from the CiRCLE live broadcast, the announcement of **"That Is How I Roll!"** from [Afterglow]( on 06 September blew us away! Be sure to preorder in a few weeks when it becomes available. We will definitely let you know when that is from our twitter! We also got an announcement about a brand new [Girl's Band Party Collab Cafe](! There are a ton of goods for sale at the cafe, including large canvas prints of the band vocalists, posters/wallscrolls, limited acrylic keychains and coasters you can take home when you dine in! The Cafe will run 10 August thru 8 September, so if you're in Tokyo you should make a reservation quick! In micronews, if you have a JP LINE account, you can get GBP [stickers]( to annoy your friends with "Shuwa Shuwa" all day long. Don't forget, you can still preorder **"Egao no Orchestra"** from [CDJapan.]( It releases in 2 days on 2 August. The GBP Twitter [announced]( that there will be another Oricon Chart challenge! Get the HaroHapi girls into the top 10 so we all receive the Sentai-Mask models in-game!

July 23, 2017 23:29:47 +0000 (UTC)


# Bandori.News Round Up! vol. 5 ## Game News A new event and gacha is once again upon us, and not only is it a new event, but a new event *type*! The Challenge Live event is introduced with ["When the Bud Blooms"]( You can view a [series of tweets]( written by Banpa user [Rimirin]( to help you out if you're still confused. The event features Maya and Aya, while the Gacha is Chisato, Eve and Hina. Good luck! The last event story, [Tomoe SOS!]( was translated by Inuzuka28. Another Livestream will take place on 28 July, covering more game and GBP news as usual. You can [view information]( on where to view the stream from the official twitter. The stream begins at 9pm JST. Additionally, we personally have found if you completely fail 3 consecutive multilives (as in, no notes are hit at all) you will be banned from participating in multilives for an hour! We didn't know this was new news or not, but we wanted to share with you! Thanks, Passionate! ## Merchandise & CD News **Roselia's** second stint of their first live continues, displaying goods online for purchase from 21 July to 7 August. Thanks for the information, [Bandori Updates!]( Among the goods for order is a [Live Shirt, Towel, Wristband and Memorial pins](, as well as a [violet penlight, display picks, totebags, bromides, and keychains]( Additionally, Roselia head a [niconama]( where they announced their 3rd single, **"Nesshoku Starmine"** with an accompanying event on 8 October. **Saaya** and **Arisa** have [previews]( for their individual character singles now! If you can already preorder both [Saaya's]( and [Arisa's]( singles through CDJapan! They release 26 July. There will also be [piano scores]( ) available on 10 August from 10 differen Poppin'Party songs. Thank you Bandori Updates for the info! Also, [don't forget]( about that Hello, Happy World! single dropping on 2 August! The CD bonus includes a random bromide, A4 Poster and a release event ballot. Preorder your copy now through [CDJapan.]( However if you were late to the party, the preorder rewards for this are not available.