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November 25, 2018 22:41:58 +0000 (UTC)

Some small updates on the BanG Dream MAGFest photoshoot, along with 2 new projects I'm working...

Some small updates on the BanG Dream MAGFest photoshoot, along with 2 new projects I'm working on:

First, I've decided on a location for the MAGFest photoshoot! I figured the fountains would be free since cosplay at MAGFest is more low-key than Katsucon. The time will remain the same, barring any disaster like my car's transmission exploding, or if there's a really good panel at the same time. If, say, there's a really good music theory panel or something at around this time, does anyone want to go to it and meet up at the photoshoot after? BTW the banner image in both Facebook events were drawn by me :3

Also, the Katsucon shoot is still up in the air until fixes their site ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Second, the admin of the Bandori SoCal page encouraged me to create my own "Bandori East Coast" Facebook page! Link here. I'm planning on using this page to organize photoshoots at cons, along with casual meetups outside of cons if there's enough demand for them. So if you live in the area, smash dat like button! Also, if you're into ~open source software~ I also made a Mastodon page.

Third, I decided to encourage people to bring instruments to the photoshoots for a reason. I've begun work on a project I'm calling "The Bando-REAL Book"! I wanted to make a centralized resource where Bangdreamers can get sheet music and chord charts Bang Dream songs, and hopefully start their own bands (girl or otherwise). Right now it's just a Google Drive folder, and I'm only working on chord charts now (since I assumed people have been grinding the songs so much they know them by heart) but I'm open to ideas on how to host a website. I'm also open to suggestions on what songs I should make charts for before MAGFest. My personal preference is ones that are between 100-150 BPM and would work well to jam over, but I'm open to any of them. Right now I have Star Beat and If In August.

Google Drive link