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January 30, 2023 03:12:26 +0000 (UTC)


i'm a couple of weeks late to this, but i'd thought i'd share my thoughts on the new update as someone who's been playing bandori since the 2nd anniversary

  • the new artstyle is very cute, and personally i like the style, even if it doesn't feel super kirakira dokidoki. however, i am not a fan of the colouring as it seems super bland and almost zombifying

  • MISAKI IN LIVES !!! i dont think there's anyone who's actually upset by this, we love misaki in this household

  • 3dmvs,,,, all i can say is my ipad storage will suffer but i get to see the gang dancing .....??

  • i am not ready to see the 3rd years graduate. its such a massive change for these characters that i've grown up with that happens to be mirroring what will happen in my own life very soon. its scary but i'm super excited to see what the girls choose to study :)

  • the new ui feels boring, bland, and cluttered. thumbs down.

  • fianlly the 5 stars. i don't really understand why they chose to add these ? it feels like it depreciates the value of 4 star cards at once, and it isnt fair to anyone who's actively saved and pulled for a 4 star card, since they're no longer the "best". it also makes 3 star cards feel unnecessary. i do not like the new rarity.

okay thats all thanks for reading byebye