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January 01, 2023 17:49:02 +0000 (UTC)


hi, i’ve been playing bandori for a while but i just officially joined this site so doin this thing ig :)

shared first initial: aya

shared hair color: arisa

shared eye color: tae

shared zodiac sign: hagumi and kokoro

shared amount of siblings: kasumi

shared favorite food: sayo & hina (junk food)

shared least favorite food: moca (spicy food)

shared favorite animal: kanon (jellyfish)

shared personality: maya or tomoe or misaki ig? idk

shared hobby: pareo (idols)

bit more abt me, my pronouns are she/her and i am a massive yuri shipper. i am very deep in idol hell but that much was probably obvious already. other than idol stuff like love live, pripara, zombieland saga, d4dj, aikatsu, and idolmaster, my favorite media include higurashi, horror rpgmaker games, madoka magica, revolutionary girl utena, horror manga, azumanga daioh, and lots and LOTS of magical girl anime. i also love sea creatures, bugs, and reptiles. that’s pretty much it :)