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August 10, 2022 04:29:20 +0000 (UTC)


anhane is back... summer is nearing over. this is a bit long lololol


my summers are all usually boring with nothing to invest my time in, but this year it was slightly different. you see, i really had nothing going for me, as i was slowly losing interest in genshin and bandori, thankfully i had project sekai to keep me for the first 2/3 weeks. (i also started migrating to the danmei fandom which is arguably the best thing that has happened in my life).

after a while though i started questioning my identity since there was nothing else to do. just before july strolled in i figured out i was lesbian, just in time for the lesbian apocalypse. the apocalypse wasn't anything special, at least to me. after the apocalypse died out i felt i hadn't yet grasped my identity and started exploring more; therefore that's why i am lesbian, transmasc, aroace, and agender today. during the apocalypse, i followed someone/someone followed me. this would be my future s/o.

we started talking on tiktok, and at the start, i didn't want to speak to him that much since i had a lot on my mind; but slowly, very slowly after i added him on discord, i got used to him. i felt that he actually cared about me. one day i put 'i want a partner' as my status and they immediately dm'd me and said 'ME'. then we were together. after that, he talked to me constantly and we ended up creating a friend group. although nowadays the group isn't thriving as much i still care about the friends i made with him. just recently he showed me his face AND WOOOOOOOW i could go on and on about how cute he is istg... yet recently he also relapsed and as well started school, i feel bad but i don't want to do anything to hurt him on accident.

on the topic of school, my school supplies/clothes are arriving and i'm starting in less than 2 weeks, and tomorrow is my sister's 'meet the teacher' and my market day, on thursday i'll be going to the beach which the only part i'll be enjoying is driving there and driving back.

so, basically this summer i figured out my sexuality, got a s/o even though i didn't necessarily want one, figured out i had OSDD 1b wait i forgot to mention that, and a lot more. my friends at school (if i consider them that now) are going to see a new me.