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Winner Announcement for Kanae/Change My Mind


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Sorry for the delay everyone, we've been super busy working on some cool, new features for the site. However, we have decided all the winners from our past contests.

First up, Change My Mind Winners!

We previously announced the winners on Twitter and promised a write-up, and now that's here for you all! Each winner got a custom piece of art/design of their best girls! We also have an honorable memetion, which unfortunately did not meet the criteria from the original post. However, you can check this out here!

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Next, the Kanae's Band Experiment Winner!

Judging for this contest was quite hard, as exemplified by our judges and our thoughtful staff members. They seriously loved ALL the designs! If you want to share your design on the site, please feel free to do that under "Fan Made" and "Community" tags! We posted all the entries in the last contest, but this time we feel it best for everyone to decide if they'd like to show it or not, and so that you can get the proper views/comments you deserve!

Without further ado, here's your winner of the Kanae Band Experiment Contest!!

Winner of Contest

Submitted by Canada

This design will be drawn by Brella just like before!

Our guest judges for the design/artist section of the contest were Misha, co-creator of Vocaloid Ruby -- Atychi, a fan-artist who knows who to hit you in the feels -- and, Andy, another fan of BanG Dream! whose fan art is cute and their love for HHW knows no bounds.

Misha's comment for the winning design was as follows, "This design has a very precious feeling to it, and fits right into the bang dream universe! I love the star motif, and all the colors work perfectly together. Overall, it's a very well coordinated design!"

Atychi's comment towards the winning design was, "This design was both cohesive and eye-catching, managing to be stylish and interesting while still being recognizably #BandoriParty. The balance of details throughout the character make for a truly wonderful design fitting of #BandoriParty and our Dear Mascot, Kanae."

And finally, Andy's feelings for the design were, "A very charismatic design. It has a lot of positive energy around it, a clever combination of elegance and fun."

The staff overall had thought the design fit the theme of Bandori.Party, as well as incorporated great details like the music staff into her sash, as well as kept the BanG Dream! thematic in together as a whole and gave us a really good package!

Again, thank you everyone who applied for the contests and participated. We loved every design, every single written piece of devotion to Best Girl! Thank you all for making BanPa such a great site to visit and work on~ <3