June 13, 2018 14:57:12 +0000 (UTC)


ok so hi there I'm super late I don't care :') I hesitated a lot before introducing myself (thx anxiety and shyness hhhh) but here I am hey

Nice to meet you!! You can call me Kyoko. I've 20yo, I come from France and I'm a huge lesbian. I hope we could get along! ^ v ^

I love more than everything Tomoe my ray of sun my goddess omg I could talk about her for years so I'll stop right now. I just can say that she saved and healed me, she is very very very important to me. My 1.5 fav is Kaoru (cause she definitely can't be the second eh) and I truly love her so much oh gosh she means a lot to me too! My fav band is Afterglow but I honestly enjoy all of them!! Oh and my ultimate otp is Tomokao aghkfdsj I know this is a fcking rarepair but eyy I wanna meet others Tomokao shipers cause I feel very very lonely wow and why not??? ;; Besides Bandori, I draw a lot and I enjoy creating characters. My secret skill is the voice-acting ((I can take the same voice of Kaoru I was deeply shocked when I realized that)) but wow who cares???

Have a nice day, I wish you'll have your dream card and don't forget to share love and light! ☆