June 11, 2018 23:43:29 +0000 (UTC)


gonna try and top100 this saaya event because i'm a lesbian, it's pride month, and this event is just perfect because it's also saaya and i love popipa (and kaoru's one of my top girls too)

sad i can't scout for lim rimi, i gotta hold onto all my stars for this event... and i have no spending money for gacha games atm!

but... for this event...



Image Image

it was a success! my sad star count though... it's all worth it though. wedding rimi didn't come home, but arisa's initial 4★ did, which means i finally have all the popipa initial 4★s! along with that, i got wedding tomoe, too. so at least rateup wasn't a complete lie.

and hopefully, we'll get a second try at wedding rimi someday. i know she still loves me and it's only rng and rateup that's cruel. ;w;

next event i plan to top100: