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April 21, 2019 04:17:39 +0000 (UTC)


It’s been 91837471924 years since I last drew bandori so here’s a chibi Rinko from the newest set! Even though she’s my best girl, her last 4* was pretty meh imo, so I was blowned away by this set, everyone just look so gorgeous...Anyway, I hope you guys like it!!


January 04, 2019 18:19:15 +0000 (UTC)


I decided to re-do my bandorisona (while listening to the original version of Redo, heh), hopefully it looks better now?


Still not looking chubby, Bandori I swear--

My fav colour is purple but I look better in blue, so I picked my 2nd fav! Prussian Blue is so nice, it's one of those things I'll never get tired of.

I don't actually have bangs, but instead my bandorisona looked slightly bald. I really hope it looks better lol

September 16, 2018 17:56:20 +0000 (UTC)


yahoo! another edit coming up at you guys

actually, I've started this at the same day this Yoshiko UR dropped, but I was too lazy to finish it

china Yoshiko to Kokoro, because you know, HAI HAI CHINA (the first thing that popped into my mind seeing this UR)

April 20, 2019 20:50:25 +0000 (UTC)


What's my aesthetic? image

My favourite characters with smiles on their faces

June 20, 2018 05:57:57 +0000 (UTC)


The card artists always do an exceptional job with facial expressions and I feel like this new set esp captures each girl's personality so well?? They're all smiling in the trained art but with so much individuality

All. this. uncontained emotion. AYA YOU'RE KILLING ME STOPPP. Look at the slant of her eyebrows this girl cries at the drop of a hat and never tries to hide it and you can tell

The face of someone who's trained herself to force down her feelings. Combine that with how she's kinda defensively shrinking in on herself and guys I am in p a i n

More of a classic :D face but idk in the context of everyone else crying/being super worked up it puts emphasis on Hina's carefree optimism?

There's a reason Samurai Eve is my fav card in the game rn I'm weak for that bold determined look. Eve is fearless and strong-willed and more than just another nice girl

That wide geeky unassuming smile? It's so Maya? I can just hear her doing a little "huhehe" while in tears, her voice catching and can you tell I like to stab myself in the chest

So. Eyebrows are good things to possess and I am glad they exist

(ALSO I just noticed the attributes lmao, four of them may have the power of smiles (wrong band?) but Eve . . . Eve has transcended that realm and rules over them all)
April 20, 2019 23:56:11 +0000 (UTC)


That moment when you have full motivation as you're drawing but your right hand starts to hurt and you're nowhere near experienced using your left hand. :)))))))))))))))))

April 20, 2019 14:56:32 +0000 (UTC)





Spoilers ahead! (I only know very basic Japanese but I at least understood the gist of it ghfg)

It just. It was everything I wanted that the anime didn't delve into. Rinko and Arisa being socially anxious dorks who can't even hold a conversation with each other at first, then discovering their common interest in books, then getting nervous all over again bc one conversation where they managed to break the ice doesn't mean everything's fine and dandy. Then chaos ensuing in the student council room and both of them panicking before Rinko sees that Arisa is in the same state as her and calms herself down, bc as I said in this post anxious people do tend to be calmer when there's someone freaking out beside them (I feel incredibly smug rn it actually happened aaa). I'm so proud of Rinko. Look how far she's come, she just steps up like the leader she is and takes control of the situation

But that's not all. THEY OPEN UP TO EACH OTHER AFTER THAT. Rinko, who barely said a word to Arisa before, just pours her heart out and tells Arisa everything about her desire to change and her reasons for becoming stuco prez. And Arisa? Arisa responds with admiration. When Rinko starts doubting herself Arisa immediately goes, "No no I think that's amazing!" Pure gfs validating each other? My heart?? And you know what? Arisa understands. Both of them understand each other's struggles so well bc they're very, very similar and that puts Arisa in a safe space to open up to Rinko too. Which she does, and that, needless to say, is a Really Big Deal. It's not like she hasn't been honest about her issues before, but it isn't something she's comfortable doing, and here in Rinko's presence it just happens without anyone needing to push her bc how else do you respond to someone so much like you, who just voiced her insecurities and feelings like it was nothing?

I'm so happy rn, I've been in this formerly barren, content-less hell by the name of RinAri since April 2018 and I was nervous watching this event video tbh bc what if my interpretation of the characters was completely off and they had no chemistry and I'd have to leave this hell to implode in defeat, at least where canon's concerned? But no, Bandori gave me more than I could've asked for and it was the cutest thing oh my god I love this game

Ok if there are any inaccuracies please tell me, my knowledge of Japanese comes from beginner uni courses and some recognition of kanji from Chinese and I am very Not Okay atm. Thank you for listening to me ramble I'm gonna scream to the rooftops (or I would if it wasn't the middle of the night)

July 03, 2018 11:17:31 +0000 (UTC)


one more edit! cafe maid Rin to Ako! I think it looks alright? xD