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January 22, 2022 10:50:28 +0000 (UTC)

The smile that trembles deep behind your tears,
Is the promise of the world since the beginning of...

The smile that trembles deep behind your tears, Is the promise of the world since the beginning of time...

Even if I’m alone now, from our yesterdays Today is born sparkling Like the day when we first met

You’re not in my memories You turn into a breeze and touch my cheeks

Even after our parting in the afternoon with the sun beaming through the trees The promise of the world won’t ever end

Even if I’m alone now, tomorrow is limitless You taught me about The kindness that lurks in the night

You’re not in my memories So live forever in the song of the streams In the color of this sky, in the fragrance of flowers

(Promise of the World-Kimura Yuni) Howl's Moving Castle

January 21, 2022 08:42:43 +0000 (UTC)

NFO rinko rules my world <3

I decided to draw her because she's so pretty mmfmfmfmffmffmm

NFO rinko rules my world <3

I decided to draw her because she's so pretty mmfmfmfmffmffmm

January 22, 2022 23:33:23 +0000 (UTC)


we all remember this post, right? around a year ago when niko ranted about how much she loved bandori voices.

we need to do this again.

MAINLY because that post is so cringe in terms of word choice, i barely even talked about their voices, and overall everything but mhm my feelings have changed about some voices!! like for example. i said that the way rei’s voice sounded wasn’t my favorite. the lies i told.

anyway! let’s start this up again with kasumi!!

daww i listened to introduction a little while ago and that song is so adorable!! aimi has this special voice where she can not only pull off more (?) mature voices like kyoko from d4dj, but can pull off voices like kasumi’s so well. so so well. she’s making me love popipa songs again how does she nail every one 😭😭 her voice is so nostalgic for me since she’s actually the reason i got into bandori! i saw a remix of nastu no don! with another song, mhm like a love live song and i loved it so much. i fell in LOVE with her voice that was just a spectacular moment i remember it like it was yesterdayyyyyyy. like. that was it i was getting into bandori i was getting more of that splendid voice i needed it all

tear drops, initial, introduction, and returns are my favorite popipa songs for sure!! they all have this spot of magic in them that brings me so much joy ❤️ she’s so talented and i could not see her with any other band in this franchise :)

ah yes. ms mitake.



her voice is to die for??!! come on. whenever i hear her sing, i get this special feeling of afterglow and classic rock and doing things “the same as always”. this theme of never wanting change. which is exactly what i want from ran’s voice!! sakura’s voice fits ran and afterglow’s music so well and me thinks that i love their music sm bc of her. she is so so talented, and her duality is top notch! the manner in which she hits her high notes just gives me this feeling of joy, and id know from a mile that “yeah, that’s sakura-san’s singing. that’s her. the freaking talented angel.” ive never ever heard a voice like hers and i don’t think i ever will! there’s this magnificent presence that she brings that i just don’t get from anyone else. a while ago i was watching the film live performances and i watched afterglow’s encore performance with roselia despite not liking roselia (mainly because i couldn’t find afterglow’s solo film live performance… 💔) and omg first ran looks so good in just. casual white shirt and shorts i cannot but i love how cool she performed! i adore the way she walked around the stage but sounded so AMAZING while doing it aaaaaa i want their solo performance so bad now

never change ran, stay the same as always!! ❤️❤️

our pretty pink idol, maruyama aya!!

most can already say that there are other vocalists in this franchise who are more talented than aya, HOWEVER can you imagine someone like ran singing pasupare’s music?? didn’t think so. she has this spectacular voice, and i can see straight through the cute idol get-up that amita is a very talented singer! i feel there’s so much that she can do, and she doesn’t even need to showcase it in the songs she sings. aya is so special to pasupare in that way, even with her little jigs and dances awwe she’s so cute, she brings this magical voice that can sing any type of song that pasupare needs. DONT OVERLOOK THE BABIE BECAUSE SHE DOESNT SING SONGS LIKE THE MORE SERIOUS BANDS YALL!! AYA IS SO TALENTED!! 💖💖 pretty idol dressed in pink i love you!! you are magnificent :)

mhm it’s minato-san!

ooh yukina! i am not the biggest roselia fan, we’ll put that out there now, but there’s no denying that oh my god, ms aina aiba can really sing!! she is very very talented and dude… i’m so happy she didn’t agree to chiyu’s scout.. because roselia needs her. her voice doesn’t fit with any other band in bandori, yes ive said that for literally every girl so far but?? she has this very unique tone that is very much splendoriffic!! cant get over the way she sang songs like passionate anthem and opera of the wasteland. so. good. i feel that savior of song really showed super duper well that the song instruments didn’t fit with her voice, but in a good way!! i feel that it just proves her voice belongs to roselia and their music, and no one else. she did a very good job singing in it though!! i could just tell it was unnatural. in.👏 a. 👏 good. 👏 way. 👏 the best way possible.

woohoo yukina is an amazing singer guys!!

happy! lucky! smiley, tsurumaki kokoro!


again, very similar to the aya situation - most overlook her since they think that there are better voices in bandori. and yes, there are, i will be honest, but that’ll never ever EVEERRRRR take away from the fact that kokoro is such a natural born singer and i can hearrrrrrr thattttt talenttttt I AM IN LOVE WITH HER VOICE. miss miku-san! executing kokoro’s voice with such love and happiness! that makes her the best possible fit for harohapi’s music. is it possible to. hug someone’s voice. i just think that harohapi’s songs are so terrific, and each one is a wonderful showcase for KOKORO’S voice. not miku. miku doesn’t have anything to prove, no matter what song she sings for kokoro, she’ll always be such a talented singer. does that make sense. it sounds like i just said a buncha nothings i



DUDE I ADORE. HER VOICE. i am still bewildered that people used to hate amane’s voice. that’s literally otherworldly. and factually wrong mate. there’s nothing she can’t do. and to be around 17 years old right now- that’s so freaking amazing. but anyways as i have of course said about every vocalist in bandori thus far she belongs to morfonica and has the most unique voice in the world!! she also has pretty good english pronunciation 😧 i was listening to morfonica perform unstopabble with ras (the live bands) the same day i was watching the film lives and when she said “inside of me”,,, i don’t know amane sounded like she was fluent in english to me 😭😭 nevereverland is such a drop-dead amazing morfonica cover, nearly my favorite bandori cover, and she freaking nailed it. don’t even know how she did it it’s such a banger AAAAAAA i will never get over it

such a unique and spectacular voice, i love you mashiro!! and amane!! you bring mashiro to life. 💙🤍🦋

we’re at the big leagues guys… it’s a rei time


i could talk about rei/raychell for 30 minutes OR MORE without preparation okay she is currently my favorite vocalist. not in just bandori. in the world. her talent is again, otherworldly (and so is her beauty) i just DON’T UNDERSTAND HOW SHE DOES IT. previously, raychell sang i think blues music?? i don’t quite remember what it was but rock is actually a new music genre for her. well it isn’t now as she’s been playing it for a while now HOWEVER if i didn’t hear raychell herself say this in a video then i would not believe it. ROCK. BEING A NEW GENRE FOR HER??? LET ALONE ELECTRIC ROCK THAT RAS PLAYS. it’s stellar. it’s magnificent. how the actual frick does she do it.

i remember my days of thinking that her voice was odd.. so i didn’t listen to ras.. thank you masuki for making me look into your spectacular band but if i’m correct i think it was invincible fighter/takin’ my heart that made me start actually enjoy ras’ music because she is SO TALENTED that it makes me feel like i’m not talented at literally everything i do even though i don’t sing. didn’t even think that was possible dude. and hear i am now in present day, obsessing over practically every ras song that i can, patiently but impatiently waiting for coruscate -dna- release with possibly another ras track on april 27th,, loving rei’s voice more than ever.

did. not. think. it. was. possible. to have such a distinct and miraculous voice, if you want the best of the best then LISTEN TO RAS LIVES. EVEN RAYCHELL’S SOLO LIVES I DONT KNOW BUT SHE DOES SO ESPECIALLY WELL mostly all of ras lives, there are a few where she does sound a bit not herself?? BUT FOR MORE THAN THE MAJORITY she is spectacular on stage and you should totally hear her on stage

there are so many ras lives where raychell is such a freaking boss as if she rules all of the world of singing 😭😭she is queen. every time you listen to a ras/raychell song. you are in the presence of greatness. bow to raychell being an absolute queen in this live performance of r•i•o•t besties because she holds all the power. thank you hot milk with honey loving rei for being such an amazing vocalist 🎤❤️

I WILL FINISH THIS WITH THE REST OF THE NON-VOCALISTS SOON! this was exhausting i need a break...

January 24, 2022 03:07:08 +0000 (UTC)

Why does this card makes me blush ☺️   cause she looks like a boy

Why does this card makes me blush ☺️ ( cause she looks like a boy )

May 04, 2018 17:27:09 +0000 (UTC)


A while ago I sorted all the girls by haircolour in Love Live so I'll do the same for Bandori.


January 15, 2022 19:12:38 +0000 (UTC)

It's a Fanart of Chisato. I accept your recess for other Fanart . Like and suscribe !

It's a Fanart of Chisato. I accept your recess for other Fanart . Like and suscribe !