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April 21, 2019 01:07:43 +0000 (UTC)


Don’t you hate it when one of your headphone plugs stops working but the other is fine, and when you play a song, half of the instruments and vocals don’t play?

March 05, 2019 17:27:37 +0000 (UTC)

Hey! So I wanna draw some of your Bandori sonas, specifically I wanna design them some outfits! And...

Hey! So I wanna draw some of your Bandori-sonas, specifically I wanna design them some outfits! And I have no idea what kind of stuff I should draw y’all in so I figured I should probably ask, what sort of outfit would your Bandori-sona wear?? Pink and frilly? Punk rock aesthetic? Weird cat dress??? Let me know!

EDIT: I should probably mention that I can’t do everyone, but I think that’s a little bit expected given the number of people here :P I’ll try to do as many as I can though!!!

March 30, 2019 20:45:20 +0000 (UTC)


I swear to god, playing Bandori on my phone is the most difficult thing I have ever experienced. How do people play with their thumbs?????

April 13, 2019 13:58:01 +0000 (UTC)


have you ever FCed a song and then played it again but no matter how hard you try, you can’t FC it again?

that’s me with Tenka Toitsu A to Z.

seriously, how did I do?

April 11, 2019 18:13:36 +0000 (UTC)


Out of curiosity, who else liked the first season of the anime more than the second one?

I feel like people talk smack about S1 a lot—I mean I wasn't too impressed by it at first either but a rewatch in the lead-up to S2 was enough to change my mind. Idk I think certain scenes might come across as melodramatic bc they rely on implication more than anything, which is a lot easier to appreciate the second time around when you know the characters/franchise better. For me at least it went from "She's bursting into tears, ok I guess" to "It may be sudden but her fear of letting others down hasn't been shown, that's all" and "This is Star Beat we're looking at, her reaction makes sense." The best part though imo is and has always been Kasumi's arc. Heck that hurt so good and felt so genuine.

I think S1's greatest strength is its character development, which holds despite its flaws. At the risk of being accused of favouritism lmao, I generally prefer the game's writing (while acknowledging a visual novel is way easier to write than an anime), but it's such a shame that out of all the PoPiPa girls only Arisa is regularly given the spotlight and depth S1 shows, though granted S1 Arisa has more of a supporting role so you could say she deserves it. Rimi though? Rimi's Gift of Song and Earnest Song for Me are great but more please. (Also JP players, I haven't gone through all the mixed event stories involving PoPiPa girls so slap me if there's one that suddenly decided to be super deep)

This is a S1 appreciation post but I'm not hating on S2 or anything! I just liked S1 better and I'm curious about what you guys thought

November 05, 2018 21:55:38 +0000 (UTC)


tbh I'm SO tired of ''nobody's best girl'' posts. not here in banpa, but in the internet in general. today I saw someone saying ''well yeah but Hagumi is nobody's best girl lmao'', and I've seen things like ''Popipa is pure trash'', ''who does even like Tsugumi lol'' or ''who was Maya again? ah yes, that girl no one likes''. And even worse, EVEN INSULTING THE SEIYUUS OR THE BANDS IN GENERAL.

guys... stop. not only it makes you look like you're a pain in the neck (trying to keep this 'mini-rant' cold), but come on. You may not like a certain character, that's fine. My worst girl is probably Himari (I love her too! I just like the others more), but I don't go out there saying ''HIMARI UEHARA SUCKS!''. Another example, at first, I didn't like Harohapi AT ALL. But I didn't go out there ''Harohapi is shit! Hope they disband or something!''.

there's always gonna be someone who actually likes those characters/bands/seiyuus/idk whatever you're talking about. Do you think your best girl would like to know that you harass other characters/bands/etc? I don't think she would, even if they're all just fictional characters!

plus, it's pretty mean. if we can have fun, memes, and normal convos, why do we need those people acting like this?

tl;dr: don't harass other characters/bands/etc because you don't like them. you're free to say ''hmm, I don't like Roselia that much... but I respect your opinion!'' (as an example), but don't go any further. please.

April 08, 2019 05:34:02 +0000 (UTC)


I wonder what will happen next year, i mean, 3rd years are gonna graduate,,,

i’ve been thinking about this a lot actually

what do you guys think will happen?

April 04, 2019 16:59:06 +0000 (UTC)

Me trying to decide on using my miracle ticket for Ghost Himari or Happy Ran. I've been trying to...

Me trying to decide on using my miracle ticket for Ghost Himari or Happy Ran.

I've been trying to get Ghost Himari since the event came out and it's one of my dream cards. On the flip side since I got Dreamfes Moca, I'm only one Happy Tomoe away to having a 4★ Happy Aglo team. Heck I'm even one Hina away from a 4★ Pure PaseParu if we throw Maya into this mix.

Question is, what should I do guys? Knowing my luck and me having enough stickers for 3 golden tickets, Himari will spite me and come home. Also knowing my luck I shouldn't chance it and just choose Himari since she's best girl and have other opportunities for a Happy Ran.

April 02, 2019 19:56:53 +0000 (UTC)

HOW do u guys get like 35k stars at one time??? especially on the global version??? do u just save...

HOW do u guys get like 35k stars at one time??? especially on the global version??? do u just save for a really long time or grind for them in events or something? pls i need to know tell me how tf u do it in the comments thanks bois ((btw this pic isnt mine its from twitter))