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December 22, 2018 04:36:45 +0000 (UTC)


crawls out of ditch image slides image here, crawls back into ditch

edit oops I forgot the image color and chibi, mb (also, transparent versions are in the comments)

July 02, 2019 11:31:53 +0000 (UTC)

To be very honest, in real life I look like's creepy. Not just Rinko, there's Layer and...

To be very honest, in real life I look like's creepy. Not just Rinko, there's Layer and Misaki (kinda). Because..

  • Both have Black hair
  • Both have the same Haircut/style
  • Personality (kinda)
  • Both love Fashion (same goes for Tomoe)
  • Both Libras
  • My Birthday is one day after hers (MY LIL SISTER'S BDAY IS ALSO BEFORE HERS!)
  • We both love playing online games
  • We both use kaomojis while talking (✿◕‿◕)
July 01, 2019 14:14:20 +0000 (UTC)

  Bandori 30 Day Challenge Day 26
   Fav Rarepair  KokoHina
They are their band's heart....

Bandori 30 Day Challenge Day 26

Fav Rarepair- KokoHina

They are their band's heart. They have both been in a event but Kokoro's card wasn't in the stargazing event. ;v;


May 11, 2018 21:12:18 +0000 (UTC)


Hello I just found out my favorites from 4/5 bands are the guitarist (Tae, Moca, Hina, Sayo)! last is Hagumi but shes bass so its close

please Tae come home some day I love you

June 28, 2019 04:53:27 +0000 (UTC)


Hold up, this seemed fun! I saw some people doing it and it'd be cool to get to know people on this website! My name is Carrie

I'm 16

I work at a pharmacy

Ich bin Deutsche and can almost speak fluent Japanese

I'm a Junior in High School

I play Overwatch and R6S (PS4)

I mostly draw on a Huion Tablet (I should probably get back into drawing on paper)

My all-time favorite anime is Full Metal Alchemist/Brotherhood

I'm play the guitar and piano. I really wanna play the bass. I also sing

I recently lost both my bandori accounts due to abruptly getting a new phone. :*((

Started playing in the summer of 2018

My special talent is being able to bake disgusting looking desserts that taste absolutely amazing. (A family friend wants to help me open a shop called "Carrie's Delectable Oddities")

Best girls in BanPa are Kasumi and Misaki

Best girls in LL are Yohane and Nozomi

I have two instagrams (one is personal/ meme account) : @Curtainstealers (The other is LL/Bandori related): ca.s_0

I have a twin brother (we are born one day apart) named Louie who I have really good relationship with (Little fact: We were supposed to born in the month of Gemini on the 23rd but we were both born early May, me being on the 2nd, him being on the 3rd)

April 29, 2018 04:44:35 +0000 (UTC)


Hello, I am Yukinechuu (you can call me Yukine!). Some of you might know me from SIT (though it's not like I am very well-known in there either!) for posting random drawings from time to time. My best girl in Love live! is Ruby, in case if you want to know~

I got into Bandori during last year's summer, though now I am more focused on EN~

My best girl is Rinko, but I love all the 25 girls, they're all so damn pure and adorable, they're just so precious I can never hate any of them ;w; I kinda like all the bands too (members and music-wise).

Feel free to chat with me (on Twitter or SIT since Bandori Party doesn't seems to have a message feature!). To finish off, here's a sketch of my dream Kasumi card (I hope she will come home on my WW account >A<)And above all, nice to meet you all, I hope we can get along~!


June 25, 2019 21:12:24 +0000 (UTC)


umm so people are reintroducing themselves here? nvm i’ll do that too~!!

  • my name is ari, but you can call me matsu~!! that’s basically how everyone calls me now lmao, anyway either is fine ♡
  • i’m 16 years old and sadly still in first year of highschool, i lost 2 years cause im a dumbass
  • i love singing !! i was part of the school choir from 2nd to 4th grade, then i left ‘cause they wanted me to sing a solo but i was too anxious to and i just couldn’t do it anymore- i still sing tho, i’d like to take singing lessons if possible but i’m scared, i’m trying to get better at this and probably in the future that will happen, who knows
  • my best girl is rinko !!
  • my favorite bands are pasupare and harohapi uwu
  • i also have other interests, such as vocaloid, danganronpa and bungou stray dogs~
  • my ultimate best girl is mikan tsumiki, i love her for many (too many actually) reasons, she’s just everything to me and yeah i love her more than anything else
  • speaking of mikan tsumiki, i relate to her a whole lot
  • i’m a really loyal and honest person !!

now, last but not least, i’m italian~

August 02, 2018 21:57:43 +0000 (UTC)

Hi, I'm using Bandori Party! 
My name is Lily, I'm a cosplayer from Russia. I've been playing...

Hi, I'm using Bandori Party! My name is Lily, I'm a cosplayer from Russia. I've been playing Bandori for more than a year and my fav girl is Lisa Imai. Right now me and my Roselia girls are preparing our costumes to perform! Wish me luck!

June 26, 2019 20:57:27 +0000 (UTC)


umm,,,,hi I decided to join the trend that's going on while I still have the chance so here goes:

An Introduction

  • my nickname is mimi and you are free to call me that
  • I'm 18 even tho I don't really look like it
  • I just graduated and plan on going to university
  • I'm actually russian and can speak it too but I'm living in germany
  • I've been playing love live since 2015 and bandori for one month (I kinda enjoy this community a bit more tho, y'all are soo sweet ^w^)
  • my best girl is probably kanon but I love all of them!
  • I also do art stuff and I am planning on making some bandori fanart but we'll see if I actually come around to doing it (if you're interested here's my deviantart )
  • please don't be mad if I don't respond to you for days (or even weeks), I sometimes forget that social media exists I'm not sure if I'm gonna be that active on here in terms of posting things but I'll definetly be checking the feed regularly!

I hope this wasn't too long and thanks for reading ^^

also this is my first time using markdown and I hope it works, I'm kinda scared it won't uwu